December 6, 2022

Firstbase expands incorporation to New York and Texas

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We’re excited to announce a major new update to the Firstbase platform: founders can now incorporate a business in New York or Texas. These two new states are available along with the previous options of Delaware and Wyoming.

While Delaware and Wyoming offer strong benefits to most entrepreneurs, we felt that it was time to give our community more choices. Regardless of the state you choose, you can incorporate your company for a flat rate of $399 including all associated filing fees.

New York

New York is one of the most active states in the country for entrepreneurship, but it also presents some challenges for founders. For example, LLCs that incorporate in New York are required to publish notices of their launch in two different newspapers — one daily and one weekly publication.

This unique requirement might sound simple, but failing to publish your notices on time could lead to substantial problems including the potential loss of good standing. We’ll keep track of your obligations and make sure everything runs smoothly so that you can focus on growing your business.


While Texas has more straightforward incorporation requirements than New York, the process is still complex, and any minor error can result in long delays.

Texas is a popular choice for incorporation due to its friendly tax environment. It’s one of a small number of states with no corporate income tax. Furthermore, while there is a state franchise tax, companies with less than $20 million in total revenue are eligible for a significant deduction.

We’ve doubled our incorporation options with this major update, and we’ll keep improving Firstbase to create an even better platform for our incredible community of founders. Hit the link below to incorporate, and get in touch to let us know what features you’d like to see next!

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