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We understand that how you work is extremely important and we've created an environment that gives our team the means to success here at Firstbase.

What our employees say about us

Company talent is the most valuable investment for achieving the Firstbase vision. We prioritize feedback through internal NPS scores, employee development plans, and education resources.
We take pride in our team.

Rapidly evolving workplace, always with new exciting goals to achieve, a good place to learn while having an awesome team to work with. It made me fall in love with the remote work environment.

E from Product

10/10 would recommend. Wonderful team, wonderful culture. The compensation, benefits, and work-life balance plus working with such a talented and diverse team is really hard to find. I'm happy to be part of Firstbase.

G from Product

Coming in from a very large and structured organization, I was drawn to Firstbase for its idea of helping founders all around the world. Startups are so free from the many constraints of big corporations and you can visualize much further than your usual departmental bubble. Being part of Firstbase is a great experience and a chance for a new worldview!

G from Onboarding offers a great all-remote, fast-paced, and exciting environment. The Firstbase family is full of committed and talented people from all over the world. Great growth opportunities and excellent management.

L from Support

Firstbase is a great place that encourages creativity and rewards active people who want to be in charge of their own small projects within the company.

K from Business Development

I have been working full time at Firstbase for 18 months and counting, the growth has been phenomenal. Remote First - check, Experienced and Caring leadership - check, Awesome colleagues - CHECK, Great perks - check, Room to Grow - check. If you get an opportunity to work here, thank your stars and dive right in!

T from Marketing

Being in contact with folks who have different experiences in terms of work culture, lifestyle, and viewpoints is great. I’ve been learning from them and it has been shaping my profile and making me better in many aspects. I genuinely feel successful when I think of the network of people I have around me. Happy to be part of the Firstbase team and proud of all the great work we’ve been doing together.

S from Onboarding

Current job openings

We are looking for risk takers with diverse experience able to provide fearless feedback. You're in a good company. Our team, investors, and advisors include people from Apple, Carta, Plaid, Gusto, and more of the world’s best businesses.

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