Firstbase Mailroom

Get a premium business address and better virtual mailbox.

Take your business to the next level with a unique, physical U.S. address and a virtual mailbox accessible anywhere, anytime. Manage your mail with ease, and enjoy the benefits of digitized paper mail, multi-user access, and more.

Your physical and
virtual mail in one place

Establish your premium physical business address in any state — including California and New York. Send, receive, scan, convert, and manage your physical and virtual mail anytime from anywhere.

A physical, legal address for your business.

From California to New York, choose from one of our convenient addresses to open a bank account, engage local customers, and impress investors and partners.

Digitize your physical mail with Premium.

We’ll manage all your mail and securely convert them into easily viewable, high-resolution PDFs. Any action you can perform with email, you can do with physical mail through our virtual mailbox.

Business-friendly shipping options.

Receive mail from all carriers with Firstbase Mailroom. Equip your business with every resource it needs to grow.

FedExDHLUPSUnited States Postal Service

Get unmatched security and confidentiality.

We take the management of our customers’ physical and digital mail very seriously. We’re authorized by the United States Postal Service to receive and store your important mail in our secure facilities under the supervision of our experienced technicians.

Get more with Premium

For an extra $15, you'll be able to: digitize and manage your paper mail like email, establish a premium business address in states like California and New York, and allow multiple team members to access your account.



Digital Mailroom platform
(24/7 instant access to your mail)


Envelope and content scan





Mail forwarding (paid separately)





Free secure shredding





Digitize files in app & send
via paper mail


Premium physical address


Coming soon**

Multi-user access



or $315 annually
25% OFF

or $350 annually
40% OFF

Relay Financial

“Many founders struggle to get their business started in the US because of the many challenges of working remotely. Firstbase makes it simple. Their Mailroom service gives you a US business address that makes it easy to open a bank account, receive important notices from the IRS or other 3rd parties who may need to reach you.”

Eric Plaskacz, Growth Marketing Manager, Relay Financial

Eric Plaskacz

Growth Marketing Manager

"Just as we streamlined international business banking with a relentless focus on customer satisfaction, Firstbase is doing the same with Mailroom - giving customers the best digital mailbox experience possible with unparalleled customer support."

Eric Bai, Strategic Partnerships, Airwallex

Eric Bai

Strategic Partnerships

"Mailroom saves significant time and headache for international teams by removing time-intensive operational expenses like renting an office or frequent trips to a post office with an intuitive, online platform. It’s one more important piece of the remote technology stack that will help distributed teams scale their business."

Thomas Dale, Global Channel Partnerships, Deel

Thomas Dale

Global Channel Partnerships

How it works


Sign up

Enter some details about your company and choose your physical business address.



Convert your paper mail to digital using our virtual mailbox. Manage physical mail (packages included) from any location.



Remotely scan, forward, shred, or trash your mail. Anything you can do with an email, you can do with paper mail.

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