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Enable hiring with payroll
tax registration.

File taxes, expand to new states, and compliantly hire remote employees. Now in all 50 states.

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Working from home is convenient.
Hiring a team should be just as easy.

Activate payroll tax registration.

Payroll taxes aren’t just a federal issue. You need to pay payroll taxes in every state where your business operates. Businesses can face fines, loss of good standing, and other serious consequences for noncompliance.

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Achieve remote hiring compliance.

Payroll tax registration, unemployment insurance, and withholding add up to one big headache. Let us create the necessary accounts and configure withholding based on the laws of each state of operation.

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Manage ongoing compliance requirements.

Tired of keeping up with annual reports, franchise taxes, and other state requirements? Leave it to us. Agent™ tracks all state deadlines and sends automatic notifications when new filings are required.

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Tax Forms

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Automated tax forms.
Ready for you to submit.

Our self-serve tax form tool will pre-fill your tax forms with information you've already shared about your company. You will then simply download the secure forms and send them to the IRS. These forms are mandatory for every business operating in the US so we provide this tool to keep founders compliant and confident during tax season.

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Compliant and convenient hiring.
No compromises.

A payroll partner to take you across new borders.

How we provide payroll tax registration.


We appoint a registered agent

Firstbase offers instant access to registered agents in all 50 states.


We register your company

We file foreign qualification every time you expand to new states.


We create payroll accounts

Set up compliant payroll accounts for remote hiring in all 50 states.


Payroll tax registration complete

We track automated compliance reminders and deliver to your inbox.

Compliance all in one box.

Compliance shouldn't break the bank. Get everything you need in our Agent™ Payroll plan, starting at $599.
We also provide non-payroll plans starting at $99/yr per state. Pricing for additional state services varies by state.

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Agent provides any business an incredibly easy-to-use compliance platform that makes growing a company compliantly an absolute breeze.

Andrew Cho, Global Partnerships & Business Development at Deel.

Andrew Cho

Global Partnerships & Business Development

Compliance is one of those areas that’s deeply confusing for founders. Having Agent baked right into the experience is a no-brainer for any founder who wants total automation and peace of mind.

Eric Bai, Strategic Partnerships, Airwallex

Eric Bai

Strategic Partnerships
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Hands down the easiest way to save time and headache. Agent lets companies focus on building their business while staying on top of notices, filings, and other important deadlines.

Trent Beckley, Director of Partnerships at Jeeves

Trent Beckley

Director of Partnerships

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