Firstbase for Partners

Streamline the incorporation process

A complete incorporation platform with document management tools, client tracking, notarization, bulk payment, multi-user account management, banking applications, and other features to simplify managing your clients.

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Who is this for?

Firstbase for Partners (F4P) was developed to assist law and advisory firms, bookkeepers, accounting firms, and other companies that offer incorporation services to their clients.

Exceptional information management

Track all information and progress related to incorporation on one comprehensive platform.

Your services, our white-label dashboard

Add our services to what you offer your clients while keeping your branding intact.

Simplify your clients’ incorporation process with our centralized platform, offering transparency, speed, and efficiency.

Delight your clients with dedicated account managers and priority customer support, ensuring a seamless and satisfying experience.

Cater to a diverse clientele and enhance your service offerings with local and global notarization, multi-user account management, and bulk payment options.

Robust features, exceptional results

Save time on client forms

Send a personalized intake form to your clients with all the necessary incorporation questions. Once completed, we'll handle the rest automatically.

Local and global notarization

Notarize all documents online and upload them directly into Firstbase. Alternatively, notarize on your end and send us the finished document.

Multi-user account managemenet

Enhance collaboration within your team by adding multiple users with tailored access levels, optimizing your client management and delegation processes.

Full visibility of client's compliance status

With a dashboard integrated into Firstbase Agent™ Autopilot, you are always up to date on each company's compliance status, upcoming deadlines, future filings, and more.

How it works


Sign up for Firstbase for Partners

Tailor your account to meet your unique requirements and create a personalized experience that caters to your business needs.


Manage your clients’ incorporations

Leverage our user-friendly interface to oversee each client’s incorporation process, ensuring efficiency and organization at every stage.


Track progress and collaborate

Receive live updates and assistance from experienced account managers, fostering a collaborative environment for your businesses’ success.

Offer more to your clients

Upgrade your services with our powerful platform. Supplement what you can do for your clients.

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  • Streamlined client onboarding
  • Dedicated account managers
  • Multi-user account management
  • Local & global notarization option
  • Bulk payment options
  • Customizable solutions
Elevate your incorporation services with Firstbase for Partners.