7 reasons why your startup should be incorporated in the US.

September 16, 2020

1. Payment gateway providers

Access to the best payment providers (such as Stripe and PayPal) is one of the reasons why so many foreign citizens start US-based businesses.

2. Taxes

If your project is generating any revenue from the US, it may be tax-efficient to operate that portion of the business through a US entity and/or allocate to a US entity certain revenues and costs.

3. Customers in the US

Almost all US customers will require certain representations as to ownership of the Intellectual Property and most will be comfortable with such representations provided by a US based LLC or C Corporation.

4. Contracts

Many american companies prefer to transact with other American companies. This is usually a commercial consideration rather than a legal imperative.

5. Venture Capital

It is unusual for American investors to invest early-stage capital into companies from other countries without US presence.

6. Accelerators

Most US accelerators require startups to have a US parent company.

7. Immigration

Starting a business in the US makes it easier to obtain a visa or permanent residency. Great for those who want to make America their home.

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