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Genoa Ventures

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Genoa Ventures


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Amplify Partners

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Goldman Sachs Investment Partners

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Forum Ventures

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A-Level Capital

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Carta Logo

"I'm excited to be a part of Firstbase’s journey as they democratize access to starting companies by making it accessible to everyone."

Henry Ward, CEO of Carta.

Henry Ward

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"Deciding to launch your own startup is hard enough. Firstbase takes what is often a big headache of incorporation for founders and simplifies the process into an efficient, personalized one stop shop."

Danny Olinsky - Co-founder at StatusPage

Danny Olinsky

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"We’re thrilled to support Firstbase’s mission and believe they will have a massive impact on new businesses being started around the world.”

Jared Friedman - Partner at Y Combinator

Jared Friedman

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"Firstbase is tackling a big problem involving multiple government bureaucracies and this kind of relentless focus on the details is the only way to make launching a business truly seamless."

Tyler Tringas - General Partner at Earnest Capital

Tyler Tringas


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