The Network — a curated library of startup rewards.

All customers get access to a curated library of exclusive startup rewards and more than $20,000 in potential savings on tools and services.

The Network is made up of strategic partnerships with service providers, technology companies, and tools to support our diverse group of founders and businesses. Access to the Network is included with your fee.

1) Product / Marketing / Operations

Amazon Web Services $5,000 in credits.

AWS provides startups with a low cost, easy to use infrastructure needed to scale and grow. With the AWS Activate program, startups get access to the resources they need to quickly get started on AWS — including credits, training, and support.

Airtable $2000 in credits.

Airtable combines the flexibility of a spreadsheet with the power of a database. Entrepreneurs use Airtable to build MVPs, fill in the gaps between other tools, and develop custom workflows to manage processes like product launches, user research, content marketing, and even fundraising outreach.

G Suite10% off.

It makes working together a whole lot easier with G Suite Subscription. All customers get a 10% discount on their next billing cycle and a 30-days trial.

Baremetrics50% off.

Baremetrics provides metrics and engagement tools for SaaS & subscription businesses. All customers get 50% off their first month.

Makerpad 20% off.

Learn to build software solutions without coding with Makerpad. Thousands of people are learning to save time and increase efficiency by automating their work and building tools without developers.

Tailor Brands — 35% off.

Want to create a unique online brand identity (logo, website, and on-brand designs) in minutes and with zero design experience? Tailor Brands is the world’s first AI-powered logo design and branding platform.

Bigscoots — 25% off.

Bigscoots is a completely managed web hosting that works for you — built by experts.

Woodpecker — 20% off.

Woodpecker is a follow-up automation SaaS founded in 2015. Automate your cold emails and follow-ups to get new clients.

JustCall — first full month free.

JustCall is an anytime, anywhere, any device phone system for your sales and support teams. It takes seconds to get phone numbers in 58 countries and start making or receiving calls.

Aircall — 7 day free trial and 20% off.

The phone system for modern business. Simple to set up. Easy to use. Cloud-based call center software connected to your tools.

2) Finance

Mercury — get $500 once you spend $10k.

Mercury is our primary partner bank. They offer FDIC-insured US bank accounts that come with API access, virtual cards, team management, and a lot more.

Brex — 25,000 point (equivalent to $250) sign up bonus and waived fees for life.

Need a corporate card for your business? Brex is one of the fastest-growing companies in Silicon Valley, and they offer the best corporate cards for startups.

Transferwise — free first transfer up to $1,000.

Banks charge a lot of overseas transfers. With Transferwise, you can transfer money abroad easily and quickly with their low-cost money transfers.

3) Accounting / Payroll / Bookkeeping

Gusto — 10% off.

Gusto is the best payroll system for small businesses. 9 out of 10 customers say Gusto is easier to use than other payroll solutions. Gusto automatically calculates, deposits, and files your payroll taxes.

Deel — 15% off.

Deel is the first payroll platform for remote teams that connects localized compliance and payments in one system of record and automates everything.

Bench — 20% off.

We have partnered with Bench, a company that provides affordable bookkeeping services for startups and SMBs. Bench gives you a dedicated bookkeeper supported by a team of in-house experts.

Furey — 50% off + free consultation on accounting tech stack.

Furey is another amazing accounting provider for high-growth startups. Furey is a team of like-minded accountants who focus on high-growth companies and assist them in executing their accounting and financial operations.

FreshBooks — a 60-day free trial.

The all-new FreshBooks is accounting software that makes running your small business easy, fast, and secure. Spend less time on accounting and more time doing the work you love.

Pilot — 20% off.

Pilot specializes in bookkeeping, tax prep, and CFO services for high-growth startups, ranging from pre-seed to Series C. When you work with Pilot, you’re paired with a dedicated finance expert who takes the work off your plate — so you can focus on your business.

Carta — 20% off.

Carta helps companies and investors manage their cap tables, valuations, investments, and equity plans.

Business licenses — 20% off.

Business Licenses LLC offers essential tools for every industry and for all federal, state, county, and municipal business licenses, permits, and tax registrations.

Iubenda — 20% off.

Need a legal compliance solution for your company? Iubenda offers a Privacy and Cookie Policy Generator for apps and websites, a Consent Solution to store and retrieve proof of consent, Terms of Use to protect your business, and an Internal Privacy Management Solution for your organization's needs.

PassRight — free O-1 visa consultation, major discount, and deferred payment.

PassRight, the O-1 Visa company, helps founders and engineers obtain a visa and relocate to the US. Unlike traditional law firms, PassRight is designed to offer full immigration services provided by top attorneys with the use of innovative software that gives efficiency and accuracy, and most importantly, transparency to the otherwise complex, confusing process.

5) Memberships

Latka SaaS Hackers — 50% off.

Latka SaaS Hackers provide a private Slack community to experience weekly AMA’s, data, deals, invitations to special events, and more. Verified CEOs and Investors get access to private channels.

Extra Crunch — $50 off.

Extra Crunch by TechCrunch is a membership program featuring how-tos and interviews on company building, intelligence on disruptive opportunities for startups, and more.

Our dynamic network continues to grow and mature based on the needs of our customer base. Learn more about the Network by contacting us at

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