The weekend co-working club for bootstrappers.

Weekend Club runs remote, weekly accountability sessions on Saturdays over Zoom and Slack. The goal is to help each other build profitable internet businesses in a productive, knowledgeable and fun environment. Membership Includes:

🛠 Weekly Saturday remote co-working sessions with up to 25 other Indie Hackers. Work on your own projects and help others with theirs.

- 💌 Members-only Slack: get detailed feedback on your work, help others and learn what resources/tools other Weekenders are using.🤫 Exclusive deals. 100+ discounts on products like AWS, Sendgrid & Mixpanel. All included.

⏰ Schedule:

- 10am - team standup to share your shipping goal for the day & meet your accountability buddy‍

- 1pm - optional lunch w/ expert guests‍

- 5.30pm - group reflection and share what you shipped


Operations + Finance



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