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Vendup: Simplifying order procurement, one order at a time




Our mission? Simplifying B2B orders. The problem? Small vendors lack efficient systems. Our goal? Affordable, easy ordering for all.

What is the core problem you are solving?

b2b self-ordering apps cost a lot. With Vendup, small and medium enterprises can enjoy it too.

What is your company's solution? Please describe your product or business and what it does / will do.

Easily integrated self-ordering system for b2b clients.

Founding story

With an experience in large retail, I've harnessed experience to create Vendup: a cheap, user-friendly ordering app for businesses of every scale.

Company stage

Live, starting with a few clients

Have you raised money for your company?

No, I’m using my own savings

Call to actions, questions or suggestions for anyone reading this article?

I am looking to hire and combine forces with relevant business partners

How has Firstbase helped you and how can we improve?

Easy to start a startup, register legally and open a business bank account in the US

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