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My Block Skin: High-quality suncare + skincare education for PoC


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Founder Dujon noticed sunscreens leaving a white cast on melanin-rich skin, debunking the myth that they don't need sun protection. He founded My Block Skin to offer premium, quality products and educate an overlooked audience. Support inclusive sun care with My Block Skin's range of products.

What is the core problem you are solving?

Why are so many people of color dying of skin cancer? Melanin-rich patients are 3.0x more likely to die of skin cancer within five years of their diagnosis. “A deeply harmful skin-care misconception that just won't die is that those with darker complexions don't need to wear daily sun protection. No matter your skin tone, you should be wearing sunscreen every day — even when it's cloudy or you're staying indoors.”

What is your company's solution? Please describe your product or business and what it does / will do.

My Block Skin is bringing the solution to market: a premium, SPF skin-care brand which addresses key issues for our target consumer. We’re breathing life into an otherwise tired market through design and product innovation. Our goal is to educate our target market on the importance of using sun care products in their daily routine, something that has been overlooked by the conventional sun care industry.

Founding story

In the vast world of sun care, where blue skies and golden rays hold both joy and peril, a visionary named Dujon set out on a transformative journey. Having traversed more than 55 countries, he had witnessed the beauty of diverse cultures and the countless shades of humanity. But along his travels, he couldn't help but notice a glaring issue within the realm of sun protection. Dujon, a man of rich melanin, had often encountered a frustrating problem when it came to sunscreens. Like a veil of white paint, they would leave an unsightly cast on his skin. This common flaw was a constant reminder that the melanin-rich individuals were not fully catered to in the sun care industry. Determined to make a change, Dujon embarked on a mission to provide a solution to this long-standing predicament. As he delved deeper into the world of sun care, Dujon uncovered an alarming misconception. Many people wrongly believed that those with melanin-rich skin did not require daily protection from the sun's harmful rays. This fallacy perpetuated a lack of awareness and education about the importance of year-round sun care for all skin types. It became clear to Dujon that not only did he need to challenge the outdated perceptions surrounding melanin-rich skin, but he also needed to shed light on the truth for individuals who were overlooked by the industry. Driven by his experiences, Dujon envisioned a sun care revolution that would break barriers and shatter stereotypes. He set out to build a premium sun care products company called My Block Skin, which would serve as a beacon of education, inclusion, and empowerment for all. With meticulous research and unwavering dedication, Dujon and his team developed a range of sun care products specifically formulated to cater to the unique needs of melanin-rich individuals. These innovative creations not only offered superior protection against harmful UV rays but also seamlessly blended into various skin tones, leaving no trace of the dreaded white cast. Dujon's vision extended beyond just creating exceptional products. He understood the importance of fostering a community that supported and uplifted one another. My Block Skin aims to become a platform for dialogue and enlightenment, challenging the existing narrative and bringing men of color into the discussion on sun care. Dujon's journey as the founder of My Block Skin was one fueled by personal experiences, a passion for inclusivity, and a desire to rectify the industry's oversights. By challenging misconceptions, breaking barriers, and providing premium, quality products, Dujon's vision manifested into a powerful force that changed the face of sun care, one melanin-rich individual at a time.

Call to actions, questions or suggestions for anyone reading this article?

For anyone reading this article, here are some calls to action, questions, and suggestions to consider:

1. Educate yourself: Take the time to learn about the importance of sun protection for all skin types, including melanin-rich individuals. Challenge any misconceptions you may have and seek reliable sources to deepen your understanding.

2. Examine your sun care routine: Assess your current sun care practices and products. Are you using sunscreen regularly, even on cloudy days? Do your products leave a white cast on your skin? Consider exploring options that are inclusive and cater to a diverse range of skin tones.

3. Spread awareness: Share this article or the knowledge you gain from it with your friends, family, and community. Help debunk the myth that melanin-rich individuals don't need daily sun care protection. By spreading awareness, you can contribute to a more inclusive and informed dialogue.

4. Support inclusive brands: Look for and support companies that prioritize inclusivity and offer premium, quality sun care products for all skin types. By investing in these brands, you contribute to the growth and success of companies that are dedicated to serving an overlooked audience.

5. Engage in the conversation: Join online forums, discussions, and communities that address suncare and skincare concerns for melanin-rich individuals. Share your experiences, ask questions, and contribute your knowledge to foster a supportive and inclusive environment.

6. Advocate for change: Encourage the sun care industry to diversify its offerings and representation. Reach out to brands, influencers, and organizations to voice your support for greater inclusion and education regarding sun care for individuals of all skin types. Remember, every action counts, no matter how small. By taking steps towards inclusivity, education, and support, we can collectively make a positive impact in the world of sun care and beyond.

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