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Lara AI: The AI personal assistant for employees


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Lara AI takes HR management to the next level by providing real-time people experience analytics and intelligent HR automation through an AI personal assistant for your employees.

What is the core problem you are solving?

- Need for real-time visibility on the employee experience.

- Employees need to feel more heard and valued, especially in hybrid and remote workforces.

- HR efficiency is always an issue when you have 1 HR person per 100 employees.

What is your company's solution? Please describe your product or business and what it does / will do.

Lara AI is the employee's AI personal assistant. Lara engages in frequent and personalized conversations with employees, providing companies with real-time visibility into their teams' experience, while also automating a variety of tasks and workflows, freeing up time for HR teams and employees to focus on more strategic activities. Whether it's measuring employee experience, addressing employees' frequently asked questions, managing vacation requests, facilitating documents, policies, pay stubs, or sending automated communications, Lara AI simplifies and optimizes HR management. Our technology is a powerful ally in fostering a work environment that promotes productivity and prioritizes employee well-being.

Founding story

We both suffered firsthand the challenges we are targeting. Alan remotely managed a +40 engineering team, while Guido remotely led the merge of 2 companies (in Argentina and the US) during COVID. We also conducted a design thinking process around the new challenges companies are facing towards hybrid and remote workforces in Latin America, interviewing +30 profiles (executives, HR, managers, and employees).

Company stage

Live, with a lot of clients/users - Working on scale

Have you raised money for your company?

Yes, with a pre-seed/seed

How has Firstbase helped you and how can we improve?

Setting the company up fast and easy

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