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Halesha: Just enjoy



What is the core problem you are solving?

The online store offers a selection of trendy and unusual items that can complement the unique personality of the buyer and help him feel even more comfortable in his own space.

What is your company's solution? Please describe your product or business and what it does / will do.

My business model is great because without big investments, my online store can offer beautiful, unusual, trendy things to customers all over the world that will improve the quality and comfort of the consumer's life.

Founding story

I think that my story should begin with the fact that I am a citizen of the Russian Federation and when the war began (February 2022), I left Russia with my children and lived in the Republic of Turkey for almost a year. Of course, I began to explore new directions of development for myself: it had to be 100% online (I understood that Turkey was not the final destination of our journey) and with minimal investment. Dropshipping was a discovery for me - without special knowledge and with minimal cost, the Shopify platform allows you to create your own online store and connect it to many different payment systems, as well as sales channels, promotions and reports. But! - all this is impossible to implement with a Russian passport and Russian bank cards (for the reasons indicated at the beginning, Russia is completely isolated in this regard from the whole outside world). But I continued to look for opportunities and one day on the Internet I came across an interesting article about the possibility of registering a business and creating of the bank account in the USA 100% online. In the same breath, I went from link to link in just a couple of hours using the Firstbase resource registered halesha LLC. Just imagine the picture: I am a Russian citizen, I am in my apartment in Turkey at 23:00 pm, I connect to a video call with an American notary who says "hello, madam" to me and starts asking me questions about my activities, identifies my identity, explains to me how to sign a company registration application online and voila: at 2 am, I receive a certificate of incorporation of halesha LLC in the mail. I was shocked by how easily and relatively quickly 100% remotely I received a new business tool. Then I opened a bank account also online and got a tax number. And now, in terms of payment systems, the whole world is open to me except, for now, the Russian Federation and the CIS. But! I am looking for a way to solve this issue too. As soon as I decide, I'll tell you.

Company stage

Live, starting with a few clients

Have you raised money for your company?

No, I'm using my own savings

Call to actions, questions or suggestions for anyone reading this article?

There is a wonderful Russian proverb - whoever seeks will always find! My story directly proves it!

How has Firstbase helped you and how can we improve?

Firstbase solved my main problem, without which I could not organize my business - registering a company, opening a bank account and obtaining a tax number without being present in the USA.

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