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Bloomcart: Bigger carts, happier customers


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The future of e-commerce is about convenience and trust. We've all been there – you love the look of something online, but will it fit? Is the color accurate? The fabric quality? These questions often lead us to either overbuy to try on multiple items or play it safe by abandoning our carts. Enter 'Try Before You Buy', revolutionizing the online shopping experience. This seamless feature allows customers to select items to try at home WITHOUT any upfront payment. Customers get the comfort of trying on items in their own space and only pay for what they decide to keep. The results speak for themselves. Retailers are seeing increased conversions, higher average order values, and a boost in sales. And the best part? 'Try Before You Buy' can be universally integrated with existing systems, ensuring zero disruptions to your current operations. With 'Try Before You Buy', online shopping becomes a frictionless experience for customers, aligning with the in-store experience we all know and love. Bloomcart helps merchants to provide a happier shopping experience and increase their online sales.

What is the core problem you are solving?

During the pandemic, like many people I had to shop online! and like anyone who has shopped online, I fell in the trap of my expectations vs. the reality. It was not only me, 85% of online consumers are now expecting free returns. But small and medium merchants are hesitant to offer that because it's an operational nightmare! Bloomcart was born to make life easier for both shoppers and merchants.

What is your company's solution? Please describe your product or business and what it does / will do.

Bloomcart is a Try Before You Buy Software that automates returns and online trials for e-commerce stores in the MENA region. Allowing shoppers to try out products without paying upfront, while doubling conversions for merchants.

Founding story

Bloomcart started during the pandemic, when I joined Founder Institute Middle East. It all started as a simple idea to sell fast fashion outlet online. At that time it was not easy to shop in physical stores anyway. After graduating FI we raised our angle round, won a grant which helped us launch our e-commerce website. Although each item had clear descriptions customers were always asking for more info, more realistic pictures. It was a lot to handle. So we decided to let them Try! With Try Before You Buy we doubled conversions and our shoppers LOVED us. Yet operations in terms of logistics, restocking and payments were a nightmare! This is when we decided to automate online trials. Once we dug into it, we realized its a business itself, not a feature! And so, last year we made a bold decision to pivot into the B2B SaaS Model to solve the problem of automated online trials, not only for us but for all small and medium online merchants in the MENA region.

Company stage

Live, starting with a few clients

Have you raised money for your company?

Yes, with a pre-seed/seed

Call to actions, questions or suggestions for anyone reading this article?

We are now onboarding merchants to Bloomcart. If you have an online store in the MENA region, we would love to chat! You can register to join our waitlist and claim your discount. click on:

How has Firstbase helped you and how can we improve?

As a company based in the Middle East, it's not easy to understand how to incorporate a company in Delaware, USA. In Jordan the concept of a C Corp does not even exist. We wanted to incorporate in Delaware as we were intending to fundraise, and we knew that investors would prefer that. What I personally like the most is not just the ease of incorporating, but also the links with accountants and legal entities which is a crucial part of our incorporation, in terms of tax filing and follow ups.

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