Growing a Company in the US

What are the requirements if I hire new employees?

Hiring remote talent as independent contractors

  • When hiring contractors for your US-based company who are outside of the US, you need to have them fill out a W-8BEN to limit tax liabilities. This form will verify their non-US status. We have partnerships with tools that help you hire and collect forms for independent contractors located outside the US.

Hiring US-based independent contractors

  • You will need to file a 1099 form. We have partnerships with tools to manage your independent contractors in the US to ensure that tax regulations and legal policies are accounted for automatically within the documentation created for your contractors.

Hiring US-based employees

  • We have partnerships with some of the easiest, most powerful tools for managing employees. You can use software tools to manage your employees payroll, benefits, etc. The forms and the necessary documentation to complete this process for your employees can be done automatically with a few clicks of a button.

Where can I go for services to help my Company?

All Firstbase customers receive over $150,000 in rewards and discounts for services and software. Here are a few of the services that we offer our customers that will help you grow and manage your new company:

  • Free tax consultations
  • Free legal consultations
  • Free business banking account with Mercury (and $500 free when you spend $10,000)
  • Special offer on corporate credit cards from Brex
  • $5,000 in Amazon Web Services cloud credits
  • Free offers on Bookkeeping services from Bench and FreshBooks
  • Special discounts on payroll services from Gusto and Deel

    Read more about our special customer discounts here.

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