September 28, 2021

MeetHugo — lessons to accelerate your company growth

Estela Valeova
Marketing Manager
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At Firstbase we cherish the relationships we have built with members of our founder community and we love telling their beautiful success stories.

This success story features an interview with a startup owner (Ben Harper, CEO of MeetHugo) who utilized to accelerate his company's growth.

He's learned a lot over the years, and in this piece, he shares his most important lessons and advice with us.


Meet MeetHugo, a business-to-business (B2B) sales startup founded in 2018.

They created a platform for establishing sales pipelines that makes it easier to generate new relationships and make new sales.

Their platform was built on years of experience in the industry by Clarity Stack, an insight firm.

They've made it their mission to assist business-to-business (B2B) organizations all around the world, and they are achieving it!

Ben Harper, CEO of MeetHugotook us behind the scenes and shared some business success insights with us.

The idea

MeetHugo was built for sales-focused businesses.

From Business Owners to Biz Devs, and Sales teams: they can assist everyone.

The idea came up as a way to facilitate every business (including their own) to grow and make sales - and they did it.

MeetHugo’s driving force

Every successful company needs to have a clear visionary goal to strive to achieve.

MeetHugo’s is ‘becoming a market leader in the sales automation sector’.

Furthermore, goals remain constant until they are met, at which point a new goal is set and the engine continues to run.

Constant change, advancement, and improvement are key to success for MeetHugo and the CEO, Ben Harper.

Piece of advice from Ben Harper


Move fast, break things, learn from your mistakes and then move forward again. It’s okay to not get it right the first time but getting it right doesn't mean sitting still. Find that next product, next goal, next method - anything that will improve your service and make your company succeed,” shares Ben Harper.

Organizational culture and how to establish it

If we have to sum up MeetHugo's culture in one word, it would be "open."

Their organizational culture is very relaxed and transparent - with numbers, targets, good months, bad months - it’s all clear to everyone and there are no surprises.

Being open from the beginning was critical for them, and everyone needed to remain on top of things and have all of the information and actions clear in their minds.

Building a company based on transparency has undoubtedly contributed to MeetHugo's success.

Final thoughts

If you’re an entrepreneur, you can also skyrocket your business growth and focus on the next steps for your company incorporating your business.

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