May 4, 2022

Introducing Firstbase Mailroom

Mark Milastsivy
CEO & Founder
With Firstbase since:

We're super excited to announce that Firstbase is launching Mailroom, our business address and virtual mailbox for growing companies. 

Now startups incorporating with Firstbase can easily choose one of the offered locations, get a unique suite number, and start managing all their mail from one dashboard while staying 100% compliant.

The launch of Mailroom solves a massive pain for new startups. Founders often use their home address on all business documents but later regret it because their private address data ends up in public databases. And international founders — Firstbase has worked with founders in 180 countries to date — don't even have that option. Many of our customers had to use other virtual address solutions but hated their clumsy interfaces, strict limits, and high prices.

So we decided to fix this...

By adding Mailroom to the Firstbase product suite, we continue to remove friction and headache through a seamless experience for our users. By using Mailroom today, founders receive:

  • Convenient, permanent address for their company
  • One place to view and manage physical business mail and packages securely online
  • A dashboard to scan, forward, shred, or trash physical mail
  • Increased trust and privacy with a professional business address versus a home address
  • Streamlined KYC process during bank account opening process via Firstbase Loop

And also, there are no limits. Unlimited users. Unlimited incoming mail. Unlimited forwarding. Unlimited scans. Unlimited everything.

A growing suite of founder-friendly products

We intentionally engineered Mailroom with the same simplicity and ease of use that's demanded by the next generation of companies. This means lightning-fast performance, an intuitive interface, and access to 24/7 global customer support.

But Mailroom isn't just for newly formed companies. With every new product, our goal is to build something that supports businesses at all stages: from the tiniest startups to publicly-traded companies. So Mailroom will continue to grow with our customers — and evolve with new features and integrations.

Firstbase is building an all-in-one Company OS, and our goal is to let you run your entire business from one platform. We are proud to launch Mailroom — and it's only the beginning.

Stay tuned.

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