June 28, 2022

Introducing Firstbase Agent™

Mark Milastsivy
CEO & Founder
With Firstbase since:

Legal compliance you don’t stress about 

Ever since we set out on the mission to build an all-in-one Business OS, there was one element of running a company we were particularly interested in automating: Compliance.

Ensuring all necessary filings, forms, and reports are completed on time takes focus away from building products and working with customers. Navigating all the requirements is hugely challenging: there's simply no single source of truth that would consider your industry, location, company structure, and other unique aspects of your business. The complexity of managing compliance grows along with the company.

The costs of non-compliance are high. Monetary penalties for missed reporting deadlines are the most common. Continued failure to remain compliant can also cease your business operations entirely. With this in mind, we're excited to announce our newest product to help more companies avoid fines and headaches.

Filings, registrations, hiring, and more

Founders can get total peace of mind by putting their company's ongoing compliance on autopilot. Agent allows effortless management of all compliance events, including annual reports, ongoing filings, taxes, foreign qualification, and more.

We'll file the essential reports on your behalf and send timely notifications and reminders about everything else you need to take care of. Collecting data directly from founders and connecting to external data sources creates a holistic view of your business to ensure your company is fully compliant.

Firstbase will also serve as your company's Registered Agent, which means all government notices will be sent directly to us and displayed on your dashboard.

As part of this launch, we are also allowing newly incorporated companies to register to do business in all states where they have a physical presence. So if you and your cofounders operate across multiple states — or are looking to expand — you can now use Firstbase to file all necessary paperwork and activate Agent in each state. With this feature, we aim to support the increasingly distributed nature of startups on our platform.

Compliance at scale

Agent is the easiest way to stay compliant as a business. We are proud to give this powerful functionality to our incorporation users from day one. But like anything we launch, Agent is built for scale — that means scaling with customers and serving companies of all sizes.



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