March 15, 2022

How Venturerock is disrupting the status quo in venture capital

Louis Albertini
Product Marketing
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Venture Capital
With Firstbase since:
October 2021

Better access to venture capital

Venturerock is a digital venture capital platform and ecosystem of founders, backers & builders building the next generation of global tech companies. They actively invest in early-stage ventures across blockchain, AI, IoT, fintech, healthtech, and smart city with a deep focus on novel technologies and industry impact.

For founders, by founders

Marc Wesselink co-founded Venturerock in 2018 based on his decades-long experience building and investing in a wide variety of startups. Having invested in over 150 startups across as well as started 12 of his own, he understands that starting a company requires a marathon-mindset, especially in those critical early years.

“The commonly referenced “90% startup failure rate” shouldn’t be the industry norm. We’ve built Venturerock to speed up fundraising and give time back so founders can actually build and connect with customers.”  

When Marc recently surveyed 700 founders about their experience fundraising, the results were quite surprising. When asked how much time they spend on fundraising over the course of three years, most said nearly ⅔ of the time. When asked who is responsible for fundraising, most said the same person responsible for business development as well. And lastly, when asked was if it an enjoyable experience, an overwhelming majority said “no”.

Marc’s team is rethinking the entire fundraising value chain with technology and a specific methodology to help startups succeed in the first 3 years - the most critical time for a startup. They’ve even developed a “72 Steps from Seed to Scale” program to guide their portfolio startups toward growth, compliance, and scale. Looking forward, they want to become the standard in pre-seed to Series A fundraising and launch 8-10 hubs worldwide.

Launching with Firstbase, again and again

Previously, Marc used lawyers who prepared the formation documents and billed accordingly and expensively. Having heard about us through a referral, Marc incorporated his own Delaware based entity in the US with Firstbase.

“What I really enjoyed was the streamlined, responsive communication throughout the entire incorporation process, it was automated and easy.”

Since then, he’s incorporated 4 more business entities with Firstbase. Being able to help Venturerock simplify their startups’ incorporation process and access the US market helps more founders get started faster and focus on what matters most - building impactful products that can change the world.

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