June 16, 2024

How to Change Your Business Address

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If you start operating at a new business address, you need to file the new address with the state government as soon as possible. In this article, we’ll explain when it’s necessary to change your business address and walk you through the process for both LLCs and C-Corps.

Note that changing your business address is different from expanding your business to a new state — a process known as foreign qualification. This post will focus on changing your address within a state where your business already operates.

When to request a change of address

Business owners are often unsure of when they need to submit a new business address. While the specific guidelines vary between states, this filing is generally required when your primary operations move to a new location.

You usually don’t need to change your business address if you open a second office in the same state. However, a change may be necessary if you expect the second office to become your company’s headquarters.

Startups often change their business addresses after opening their first “real” office. For example, if you started with a virtual address, you will need to switch to a new address if you open an office where employees are physically working.

How to change your business address

Now that you understand the guidelines surrounding address changes, let’s take a look at the steps involved.

  1. Check state requirements: The process of changing a company's address may vary depending on the state where it is incorporated. Check the specific requirements and procedures outlined by the Secretary of State's office or the agency responsible for business registrations in your state. Check the specific taxes and fees charged for amendments in your state.
  2. Review bylaws or operating agreement: Consult your bylaws (C-corps) or operating agreement (LLCs) to determine if there are any specific provisions related to changing the address. If necessary, amend the bylaws or operating agreement to reflect the new address.
  3. Update IRS information: If your company has an Employer Identification Number (EIN) for tax purposes, you'll need to update the IRS with the new address. You can do this by submitting IRS Form 8822-b.
  4. File Articles of Amendment (if required): Some states may require corporations to file Articles of Amendment with the Secretary of State's office or the appropriate agency. This document officially updates the corporation's address. Check with your state to see if this step is necessary.
  5. Notify the USPS: To have your business mail sent to a new address, just go to USPS.gov/move and fill out the required information. Don’t forget to do the same for any private shipping carriers you work with.
  6. Notify state agencies: Inform other state agencies, such as the Department of Revenue or the Department of Licensing, about the address change. This is particularly important if your business requires specific licenses or permits.

While this will cover you from a tax and compliance perspective, the work doesn't stop there. Don't forget to change the address on your website, social media profiles, and any other customer-facing content. You may also need to notify business partners and other entities such as:

  • Your bank
  • Business credit reporting agencies
  • Suppliers and vendors

Remember: Anyone who needed your old address also needs the new one.

Wrapping up

Remember that the specific requirements for changing an LLC or corporation's address may vary based on your state's regulations. It's essential to stay organized during this process and maintain records of all address change notifications and filings. If you're uncertain about any aspect of the process, consider consulting with a business attorney or a professional familiar with regulations in your state.

Changing your business address may seem confusing, but it’s a fairly straightforward process for both LLCs and C-Corps. If you’re in any of the situations mentioned above, it’s important to change your address as soon as possible in order to avoid any compliance issues.

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