April 8, 2022

How Sendchamp is scaling its unified communications platform across Africa

Louis Albertini
Product Marketing
Lagos, Nigeria
Communications Software
With Firstbase since:
June 2021
Sendchamp is a fast-growing, VC-backed technology company that’s modernizing the way businesses communicate and engage with their customers. By combining multi-channel APIs with an intuitive, no-code CRM, Sendchamp is scaling deeper customer relations across the entire African continent - and beyond.
Sendchamp Co-founders Goodness Kayode (top left) and Damilola Olotu (top center) with team

Powering 10M+ messages in less than 12 months 

Sendchamp CEO and Co-founder Goodness Kayode knew from early on in his life that technology could have an outsized impact on the world. Before founding Sendchamp, he tried his hand at a few other ventures - starting a carwash booking service, launching an advertising platform as founding team member, a stint at a large Belgian Smart Cloud Accounting Company working as a developer, and eventually building a profitable software development agency. 

After these experiences, he began to realize the importance of customer communication. In Nigeria and many other African countries, communication is often limited to just one channel.    

“Most African businesses find it incredibly difficult to reach their customers. And customers don’t want to be restricted in how they communicate. So by bringing different communication channels (Telegram, WhatsApp, SMS, Voice, Email) that they’re already using into one place, we’re connecting businesses and customers on a much deeper level.”

Since launching, Sendchamp has raised capital from investors, scaled its team, and processed over 10 million messages between businesses and customers, helping hundreds of businesses increase their lead generation and conversions. Sendchamp’s suite of APIs and no-code tools makes it particularly attractive for non-technical business operators who want to manage customer relationships more efficiently. 

Laying the foundation with Firstbase  

Previously, Goodness incorporated another company using Stripe Atlas, but having heard from a friend about Firstbase, he decided to go in another direction with Sendchamp. The decision to incorporate in the US with Firstbase was a strategic choice to start building a global footprint and prime the company for future investment rounds or acquisition. 

“Having used Stripe Atlas before, Firstbase was much more straightforward to use. Everything was quickly completed in the dashboard and I really enjoyed the guided process that included all the reminders and notifications at each step.”

Coming from Nigeria, Goodness wasn’t initially well-versed in the technical process of business incorporation. But by using Firstbase’s intuitive platform that smoothly guided him through each step with a progress meter and helpful follow-ups, Goodness was able to confidently and successfully launch Sendchamp in the US. 

We look forward to watching Sendchamp continue to grow as they transform communication between businesses and customers. 

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