March 31, 2022

How revenue-based finance provider Outfund is democratizing access to growth capital

Louis Albertini
Product Marketing
London, United Kingdom
Alternative Finance
With Firstbase since:
October 2021
Launching their US subsidiary together with Firstbase, Outfund is quickly becoming the go-to financing option for founders building online businesses. They believe that founders should have better funding options to fuel growth. We chatted with Stewart Orr, who heads up Outfund's partnerships, to learn about how Outfund is radically changing the way companies scale.
Outfund has offices in the US, UK, Spain, and Australia

First off, can you share a bit about yourself?

I’m a Partnership Manager here at Outfund. I was born in Toronto, but studied business and Mandarin in Taiwan, before moving to mainland China to work for a series of American companies. I joined Outfund in 2021 after returning to Toronto, with several years of manufacturing and trade experience. 

What is Outfund?

Outfund is one of the world’s leading providers of simple, affordable capital for online businesses. We provide funding for eCommerce and B2B businesses to spend on growth-related expenses. No mounting loan interest. No equity dilution. No personal guarantee. Just one flat, transparent fee simply repaid from a revenue share of new sales.

What is your mission?

We started Outfund because we didn't think founders had the right funding options, from complicated equity finance to restrictive debt. Our mission is to transform the way businesses grow and scale.

What are your core offerings and how do you help founders?

Our main offering is providing flexible and affordable capital to growing online businesses in as little as 24 hours. The capital we provide is an alternative to mainstream forms of capital - whether it be a traditional debt through a bank loan that requires collateral and interest - OR an equity investment which involves selling a piece of your business in exchange for funding.

How does your funding process work?

  1. Head to Outfund and begin your application for funding
  2. Connect your accounts to our revenue categorization engine. We analyze your data to make tailored offers within 24 hours.
  3. Select your offer. 100% of your funds are available in your digital wallet to use right after selecting your offer.
  4. Repay the balance on your terms with a fixed % of sales.
  5. Scale faster through the Outfund partner network. We connect businesses with trusted agencies, technologies, and value-add service partners.

What are some key benefits you offer founders looking to scale their business?

There are many benefits to founders that work with Outfund. First off, Outfund is a non-dilutive capital solution for founders looking to grow their business. Furthermore, Outfund does not require any personal guarantees. The entire process is quick and transparent, with the capital made available in as little as 24 hours. You are also assigned a growth-advisor from Outfund to guide you every step of the way or connect with other partners - like AWS, Microsoft, and Stripe - that provide free benefits and resources to help those businesses scale.

How is Outfund-provided capital typically spent?

Founders receiving capital from Outfund typically spend it primarily on marketing or inventory.

How did you hear about Firstbase and why work with them?

Outfund discovered Firstbase while trying to solve one of our own client’s issues regarding registration in the US, which is a highly common inquiry. Since our business is restricted to four countries, one of which is the US, we needed a reliable partner to help our clients establish an American office and discovered They are reliable, fast, affordable, and our go-to partner for fast-tracking registrations in the US.

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