September 1, 2022

Firstbase partners with business banking platform NorthOne

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Firstbase is excited to announce a new integration with NorthOne, a leader in small & medium business banking. This API partnership makes the Firstbase All-in-One OS even more powerful for founders from all across the world who need a banking solution.

If you’ve ever opened a business bank account, you know how complicated and time-consuming that process can be. Firstbase automatically pre-fills applications for NorthOne and other partners using each company’s existing data. This allows us to avoid inaccuracies and create accounts in a fraction of the usual time.

NorthOne’s built-in budgeting tools are ideal for small business founders. Cashflow and financial illiteracy are two leading causes of small business failure, and NorthOne makes it easy for anyone to take control of their business finances. From the NorthOne dashboard, users can view transactions, schedule payments, create invoices, budget expenses with virtual envelopes, and more.

Our goal has always been to make it more accessible to start a business, and we’re proud to work with a partner who shares the same mission. Firstbase and NorthOne are building an unprecedented ecosystem for today’s small business owners.

“Starting a company usually starts with a felt need or a moment of inspiration. But soon after, reality sets in. The hurdles to setting up a business can be severely intimidating and time consuming.  By making incorporation and bank account opening a seamless process, we’ve taken an important step in reducing barriers to entrepreneurship for everyday Americans. —Eytan Bensoussan, NorthOne CEO

Through Firstbase Loop, our community of over 15,000 companies from 187+ countries can sign up for NorthOne in as little as three minutes. Loop enables founders to take advantage of seamless 1-click integrations from some of the most innovative companies on Earth. We’re dedicated to reducing stress, friction, and wasted time so that founders can fully focus on growing their business. Sign in to your Firstbase account or incorporate your business today to get $30 off a new NorthOne account for your company. 

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