May 10, 2022

Firstbase announces partnership with Bench

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Firstbase and Bench are excited to announce a new Loop partnership where Firstbase users can now easily sign up for Bench's powerful bookkeeping and tax filing solutions. Powered by Firstbase Loop and located in the Bookkeeping category of the Firstbase dashboard, users can now directly access dedicated bookkeeping, unlimited expert support, and discounts and savings - all with one click.  

Small business owners know how valuable their time is. If they spend 10 hours a month bookkeeping, that's 10 hours of administrative work that could be spent on revenue-generating activities. That adds up to many hours (and lost revenue) over a year when business owners turn to solutions like Quickbooks that require time and investment to keep up their own books. And that's before tax season. 

More than just a software tool 

Bench gives businesses an all-in-one bookkeeping, tax, and advisory solution, without the costly CPA price tag. Unlike traditional accounting software, Bench isn't do-it-yourself—a dedicated bookkeeper handles all bookkeeping tasks, giving business owners valuable hours back in their schedule. This hands-off approach additionally offers peace of mind that their books are always complete and error-free

Your bookkeeping team is always just a message away. All Bench clients have access to unlimited advisory services.

The Bench platform also helps business owners track their finances and understand their spending with visual reporting. Bench provides monthly financial documents, including an income statement and balance sheet, and a year-end package with everything a business owner needs to file taxes.

Bench provides monthly financial reports in a format that's easy for business owners to access and digest at any time.

Building better bookkeeping with Bench

Bookkeeping is an essential, albeit tedious, part of running a healthy business. By partnering with Bench, Firstbase encourages its users to adopt good bookkeeping practices early on. Here are the top reasons why bookkeeping matters:

  1. You need accurate and up-to-date books to file your taxes
  2. It helps you understand what you're spending money on
  3. It ensures you don't miss out on tax deductions
  4. You need clean financials to borrow money or apply for funding

Firstbase users can now view the Bookkeeping category in their dashboard, learn more about Bench, and sign up with one click. Users who sign up can get a free trial before committing as a special partnership offer. Bench will provide one month of a business' historical bookkeeping to show how easy it is working with Bench. 

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