May 26, 2022

Firstbase announces global banking partnership with Jeeves

With Firstbase since:

Firstbase and Jeeves are excited to announce a new partnership where Firstbase users can sign up for Jeeves' global expense management platform directly within the Firstbase dashboard. Powered by Loop and located in the Banking Solutions category, founders can unlock corporate credit cards, expense management tools, cross-border payments, growth financing, and more - all in a few clicks.

The first cross country, cross-currency expense management platform

In the post-COVID era, most companies are global - either with employees in multiple countries or with businesses across regions. However, these companies are forced to rely on local and country-specific financial infrastructure. For instance, a company with employees in Mexico and Colombia would require multiple vendors to cover its finance function: a corporate card in Mexico and another in Colombia, an additional vendor for cross-border payments, and another one to transact SPEI. At the end of the month, it would then take a few weeks to reconcile corporate spending and get a consolidated view of the company's cash position.

Jeeves changes this paradigm by providing:

  • The underwriting.
  • Thirty days of credit in local currency.
  • The payment rails for any business spending across countries and currencies.

Powered by Jeeves' proprietary infrastructure, a growing business can use a Jeeves card in the US and pay back in USD. It can then use that same Jeeves card in Mexico and pay back in Mexican Pesos - reducing all FX fees and providing instant spend reconciliation across countries.  

Get started with global banking in seconds

Firstbase users can now view the Banking Solutions category in their dashboard, learn more about Jeeves, and sign up with one click. Users who sign up can get free Lounge Pass access and a $250 statement credit after the first $2,500 in spend or a $500 statement credit after the first $5000 in spend.

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