July 14, 2021

Upkeeply - creating a company from the ground up

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Upkeeply Inc. is a hotel management app that helps hotels optimize operations and save money by providing a comprehensive application for asset management, room and equipment preventative maintenance, mobile inspections, an auto-dispatching ticketing system, and much more.

Jeff Bowes, Founder, and CEO of Upkeeply Inc founded the firm to empower clients and eliminate the need for many applications and communication tools with a single easy-to-use application created from the ground up by industry professionals.

How it all started?

Upkeeply Inc. was Jeff Bowes’ dream that finally began to turn into a reality.

Upkeeply Inc. was created from people to people to eliminate boundaries and make everything easier. Upkeeply Inc. now runs smoothly as both a web and mobile app across all devices including Android phones and tablets, iPhones, iPads, and other Touch devices.

Customers can use the app to stay empowered, aware, and up to date by tracking the success of preventative maintenance programs, live video conferencing with teams and employees, and receiving real-time updates and notifications from every department.

The dream became a reality.

How did they find out about us?

Jeff Bowes’ realized that to make Upkeeply reach its next level of success it had to be incorporated in the US.

He researched other services but because of Firstbase’s positive customer reviews, he chose our service.

How did we help?

Upkeeply Inc. received several benefits from incorporating through Fistbase.io, including:

  • Raising money from VC firms and/or angel investors
  • Applying to a US-based startup accelerator
  • Selling products or services to US-based customers
  • Signing contracts with US-based clients
  • Accessing tax benefits available for foreign-owned companies in the US
  • Keeping money in a US FDIC-insured bank account
  • Building trust with customers by doing business as a US-incorporated company

Has the solution provided by Firstbase helped you accomplish your goals? How?

‘Yes, without question. Everything was almost too easy. It took about 4 days to get everything completed and in order with all my documents uploaded straight to my account. I would use the service again in a heartbeat if the opportunity presented itself. Highly recommended,’ shares Jeff Bowes.

Final Thoughts

Upkeeply Inc. is a dream of Jeff Bowes that he is finally turning into reality thanks to Firstbase. Their current team consists of over 60+ years of hotel operations and hotel software consulting experience. They know the industry, and they understand the frustration hoteliers are facing. Upkeeply Inc solves their issues.

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