January 11, 2022

Opening a US-bank account from Pakistan and serving the US market

Estela Valeova
Marketing Manager
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At Firstbase, our goal is to make entrepreneurship more accessible for founders from around the world. That's why we've helped thousands of business owners bring their companies to the US from more than 190 different countries.

In this case study, we will walk you through the story of Trademor. Trademor is a Pakistani company that incorporated a US-based business through Firstbase in order to access the US market.

We will also give you insights into how Firstbase provided an advantage for Trademor over traditional incorporation solutions. To get a better idea of Trademor's trajectory, we spoke with Program Manager Shehab Farrukh Niaz.

All this, through the eyes of Shehab Farrukh Niaz, Program Manager at Trademor. 

Why did you decide to incorporate in the US?

Trademor works as an official Channel Partner for Alibaba.com. At first sight, this may seem like a huge opportunity, however, it came about as a huge dilemma too. 

As Trademor started working with US clients, they realized that all of them wanted to make payments with PayPal. One challenge faced by many Pakistani companies is that they are unable to open a PayPal account in order to sell their products/services to the United States market. 

To fulfill this need, Trademor started researching solutions.

"This is when we got introduced to Firstbase in 2020; the opportunity that this opened up for us was a huge aha-moment and we started the process of registering our company in the US," shares Niaz

Did incorporation help you achieve your business goals?

After incorporating with Firstbase, Trademor was able to take advantage of some exclusive discounts from Firstbase's partners' network.

"We got a lot of reductions and deals for our company, which we would never get if we did not incorporate with Firstbase," said Niaz.

Within weeks, Trademor had opened a US bank account and PayPal account to start serving more customers and making more sales.

Having a US-registered entity has also gone a long way towards enhancing Trademore's clients' trust in the company and its services. Niaz adds:

"The support network that Firstbase offers is amazing - from legal and tax support to startup rewards."

What is Trademor doing now?

As part of their incorporation with Firstbase, Trademor has been able to benefit from multiple exclusive offers and discounts that were not available to them before. 

For example, from the start, they have been taking advantage of a big discount for Airtable, as well as all the bank benefits of Mercury Bank, and much more.

Currently, they are also trying out partners for social media outreach. Our team will continue working to expand the Firstbase partner network and help founders save as much money as possible on critical operations and growth tools.

All partner discounts can be found on Firstbase's partner page here.


The Firstbase team has been proud to work with Trademor and see their development since the initial incorporation. We asked Niaz to provide some final thoughts:

"Since day one, using Firstbase has been a breeze. All the processes were totally seamless - the best thing is that we have all the documents available in one place in the dashboard. The Firstbase team is very helpful and responsive and has always gone the extra mile while answering queries. Firstbase made it so easy for us to expand our business and start serving a global audience in no time!" 

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