July 8, 2021

The story of Success Made Easy LLC - A company up and running in no time

With Firstbase since:
“Smoothly flowing, excellent service, fast reaction times that surprised me! Whenever I submitted a question, I got the answer the same or the next day, even on Sundays or holidays. The issue was always solved!“
Patricia Dora Gertrud Peters founder and CEO of Success Made Easy LLC.

How it all started?

Patricia Peters launched Success Made Easy LLC in 2018. Patricia Peters is a coach to women who want to simplify their businesses so that they spend more time doing what they love and safely delegating the rest without losing revenue, being more successful than before. To accomplish this, she developed a science-based process called Energetic-Neuro-Tuning, which employs neuroplasticity, neurofeedback, and brain wave manipulation. Her method helped her business succeed because it interrupts undesired patterns and prepares the mind for long-term success in harmony with her clients' ideals. Patricia rapidly began working with clients from the United States, but because she did not have a corporation there, she lacked credibility in the eyes of some of them.

How did she find out about us?

In 2020 Patricia realized she was ready for the next step, Incorporation. She began researching companies that could assist her with the incorporation process. She narrowed her research down to 3 companies and decided to test all three of them with a list of questions. She emailed her questions to all 3, yet received the fastest response, best support, and lowest fees from Firstbase.

For this reason, she chose us.

How did we help?

We have helped Success Made Easy LLC not only begin their US journey but also other things such as:

  • Accept payments online via Stripe or some other payment processor
  • Selling products or services to US-based customers
  • Sign contracts with US-based clients
  • Access tax benefits available for foreign-owned companies in the US
  • Access specific platform or service (e.g. Amazon)
  • Take advantage of simplified bureaucracy compared to my home country
  • Pathway to immigration

Has the solution provided by Firstbase helped Success Made Easy LLC accomplish its goals and how?

“Yes. It was so fast and easy to set everything up. Excellent service! Compared to my country where it can take you months and where you have to struggle with unfriendliness and incompetence wherever you turn to! Also, the fees are low and what you get in terms of service, troubleshooting, registered agent and the huge network of accountants, banks, lawyers, web designers, you name it...is beyond words,” shares Patricia Dora Gertrud Peters founder and CEO of Success Made Easy LLC. Firstbase quickly had Success Made Easy LLC up and running.

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