March 10, 2021

How a Russian SaaS business bypassed their local bureaucracy and incorporated a Wyoming LLC

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Using Firstbase, was able to quickly and affordably incorporate their new business in the United States. Incorporating allowed to access US tax benefits for foreign-owned founders, accept payments with online payment processors, sign US contracts, bypass their local country bureaucracy while building trust with US customers.

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Since is based in Russia, the local bureaucracy and laws make it very difficult to create a global business and get access to payment processors and other tools for building a SaaS business. also needed a US business bank account which was difficult to set up without incorporation in the US.


With the help of Firstbase, was able to quickly set up a Wyoming LLC in the United States and obtain an EIN (Tax ID). By incorporating in the United States, was able to get these additional benefits:

  • Set up and accept online payments through a payment processor
  • Sign contracts and sell services to US-based customers
  • Start a business bank account with Mercury, Firstbase’s partner bank
  • Get tax benefits only available to US-based founders and corporations
  • Build trust with US customers

Additional benefits of Firstbase

Along with incorporating, was also able to take advantage of Firstbase’s Network discounts on services such as JustCall, Brex, and G Suite. They plan to use free tax & legal consultations along with other Firstbase Network benefits in the near future.


“Very easy and very smooth. I didn’t spend a lot of time providing documents. It took me about 10 minutes. Their customer support team was always in touch with me during the process.” Irek Khasyanov, Founder of

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