August 16, 2021

How MasArmadura, a Venezuelan company got access to a US payment system that helped them reach their goal & scale faster

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MasArmadura is an eCommerce platform for gamers where they can purchase digital items and add-ons for their games without limitations.

How it all started?

MasArmaduras' CEO, Oesile Henriquez, is an ardent gamer from Venezuela. He observed that many gamers like him in his home country were restricted by payment difficulties whenever they wanted to pay for a digital item in their favorite games. After careful consideration, he decided to address this problem not just for himself, but also for all the other gamers in Venezuela and around the world, thus MasArmadura was born. According to Henriquez, MasArmadura wants to open up the global market to everyone so they can transact easily thereby overcoming the  limitations of their local currency or access to online forms of payment.

How they found Firstbase

To access the U.S world class payment infrastructure, MasArmaduras needed to get incorporated in the US. Oesile Henriquez did a quick web search and discovered several US incorporation services. After comparing the different services, he decided to go with Firstbase as he found the process to be a lot simpler and straightforward.

“Firstbase was very pocket-friendly and offered the best price-benefit ratio of the different offers."

How did Firstbase help?

Incorporating through Firstbase not only helped MasArmaduras access online payments via Stripe but also provided:

  • Access to tax benefits available for foreign-owned companies in the US
  • Simplified bureaucracy compared to his home country
  • Trust with customers by doing business as a US-incorporated company

What problems did you face when trying to form a company in the US?

“None. Everything went well. We were very satisfied with the support, the attention provided by the Firstbase team, and the willingness to help us as much as possible,” Henriquez adds.

Has the solution provided by Firstbase helped MasArmaduras accomplish its goals?

MasArmaduras’ goal was for gamers and others limited by their local payment providers to be able to purchase their favorite digital products in the global market through MasArmadura’s store. With the help of Firstbase, this became a reality.

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