October 25, 2021

How having a US-based business helped Pro Sales Global LLC expand their client base

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Pro Sales Global LLC is a sales training platform that offers both online and in-person sales courses. Their goal is to become the go-to platform for sales training in Spanish.

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How did it all start?

Based in Mexico City, Santiago Rañal, CEO of Pro Sales Global LLC  realized that in order to fulfill his goal, he needed to incorporate the company in the US. “Being a US-based business will allow us to build trust with customers and sell our products to Hispanic customers regardless of their nationality. We also want to standardize pricing into a single currency (US Dollars),” Rañal explains.

How did they find out about Firstbase.io?

Rañal had no prior knowledge of Firstbase’s services before he started his research.
He was advised by a friend to use one of Firstbase’s competitors but he still went ahead and conducted his own research.
When he found out about Firstbase, he was impressed by the amount of free value and assets he received. “There was even a tool which showed me which is the better option for my business; LLC or C Corp,” he smiles. Due to the number of helpful resources and reviews he found on the Firstbase website, Rañal decided that this was the better alternative for him, and filled out the application. 

How did Firstbase help?

Pro Sales Global LLC gained access to the United States market through Firstbase.io, which not only helped them connect with US clients but also provided the following benefits:

  • Access to tax benefits available for foreign-owned companies 
  • Simplified bureaucracy 
  • A US FDIC-insured bank account
  • Access to a library of rewards to help him set up his business

Has the solution provided by Firstbase.io helped you accomplish your goals?

“Yes! It helped us grow and make the first step towards our future success. We aim to grow two digits year over year as we consolidate our product and our reach”, smiles Rañal. Having a US-based business has helped Pro Sales Global LLC expand its client base. You now know what was the main step for their success and growth.

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