August 27, 2021

How Nuport Industrial Automation, Inc. incorporated in the US effortlessly

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Nuport Industrial Automation, Inc. is a Software/SaaS business. The company was created to help high-performance field procurement and distribution planning teams to save time and money by automating their processes. Nuport specializes in distribution planning procedures that save time and money for manufacturers and distributors. Its mission is to decrease the order-to-cash cycle for manufacturers and distributors worldwide through automation.

How it all started

Fahim Salam, CEO of Nuport Industrial Automation, Inc., and his team wanted to expand to the United States and recognized that incorporating a US firm was the first step to find US-based customers. Many founders incorporate in the United States for the same reason: having a US corporation promotes trust among US-based clients and helps the company appear more trustworthy.

How they discovered Firstbase

Salam imagined the process of incorporating a U.S company to be quite frightening and complex. While looking for services that could help he found some of Firstbase's competitors and contacted them. As he explained, "they did not update me or educate me about their services, therefore I did not advance with them." Salam came across one of's online ads one day and it immediately piqued his interest. “Your ad popped out and followed me through every page,” he says.

Firstbase to the rescue

Firstbase made the entire process simple for Salam and his team to comprehend and follow. “Firstbase made it buttery smooth the entire time, while keeping me informed of the status of each stage. To be honest, there is no turning back from this one,” he continues. By forming Nuport Automation, Inc. in the United States through Firstbase, Nuport Industrial Automation, Inc. can now access the US market and directly serve US clients. In addition to that, Nuport can now:

  • Accept online payments using Stripe or any other payment processor
  • Receive funding from US venture capital firms and angel investors
  • Apply to a startup accelerator in the United States
  • Sign Contracts with clients in the United States.
  • Keep funds in an FDIC-insured bank account in the United States

Final thoughts

“Firstbase is a must-have for anyone looking to start a business in the United States. It is really frightening to start a business somewhere. Firstbase, on the other hand, made everything easy to understand while keeping me updated on the status of each step. To be honest, there is no turning back from this one,” Salam concludes.

With Firstbase you can forget all your worries concerning US incorporation: simple, easy, and affordable incorporation of a US company from anywhere is now possible.

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