May 5, 2021

How a San Diego based SaaS service created a Wyoming LLC, EIN, and a bank account in less than one hour

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With the help of Firstbase, Jetboost was able to easily incorporate their business. They quickly set up a Wyoming LLC, got an employer identification number (EIN), and a bank account. This allowed them to build legitimacy with customers and raise money on SEAL.

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Jetboost is based in San Diego, California, and creates no-code plugins for Webflow enabled websites. The service allows users, regardless of their experience level, to easily add advanced features to their Webflow sites, such as real-time, on-page search, without having to write any custom code.


Jetboost needed to form a Wyoming LLC to legitimize their growing business in the eyes of their prospects. They also wanted to raise money on SEAL — which usually requires a legal entity formed in the US. Jetboost had incorporated on their own before, but it was a hassle trying to figure out the details and they had never done it in Wyoming.


With the help of Firstbase, Jetboost was able to incorporate, get an EIN, and a bank account in Wyoming in about one (1) hour.

Additional benefits of Firstbase

Along with incorporating, Jetboost had these additional benefits at their disposal:

  • Essential legal documents
  • Free year of registered agent fees
  • Free tax consultations
  • $100k in startup rewards
  • Lifetime expert support
“Very smooth. Everything happened in the background and I didn’t have to think about it at all. It was great to hand this off to Firstbase and not have to spend any time on it.” Chris Spagnuolo, Founder of Jetboost

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