November 17, 2021

Finding investors and accomplishing your entrepreneurial dream

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Fraktal Creative LLC is a Content Marketing company specializing in developing and optimizing website content in order to achieve organic search engine rankings.

In this piece, we will learn more about Taufiq Ul Haque's (Founder of Fraktal Creative) entrepreneurial experience and how he came up with an idea that would help him to stand out from the crowd and find investors.

How it all started

To start a content marketing agency, you need two key abilities: The ability to execute and drive to succeed.

The persistence to push through hardship to reach an ambitious goal can help guide your efforts because diving into the marketing agency arena is throwing yourself into a competitive market. A big idea that you’re willing to bet everything on is the guiding star for your focus on success.

Haque was aware of all of this and worked hard to achieve it.

He was well aware of the recipe for his company’s success from the beginning but he also knew he needed to get Fraktal incorporated in the US. Getting incorporated in the US would bring him one step closer to accomplishing his objective - finding investors.

By registering in the United States, Fraktal Creative LLC would gain access to foreign investment in order to develop an AI Content Editor that will assist marketers and copywriters in optimizing their workstreams in a single platform.

Did they get what they needed?

How they discovered Firstbase

Haque dislikes taking risks and prefers to methodically plan ahead of time in his business.

As a result, he conducted extensive research before deciding on a business to assist him in registering Fraktal Creative in the United States.

Firstbase was one of the first companies he discovered, but he also looked into others and compared them with what Firstbase had to offer.

"I looked into some options and competitors, but it seemed to me that Firstbase would get me where I wanted to go faster and with fewer difficulties," he explains.

After incorporating his business with Firstbase’s unique product offering, he is now looking for investors. A key benefit of US incorporation is gaining access to the US investor market. Fraktal has quickly put together potential investment offers because investors are much more comfortable working with a US-registered company. Without this feature, he would have a lot more difficulty growing his company.

What’s next?

“To disrupt, streamline and dominate the SEO Content Writing industry through our services and SaaS AI in the making,” Haque claims. 

Throughout the interview, he has repeatedly emphasized the need of dreaming big and acting quickly. “If you have an idea, start and don't be afraid to fail. I've learned more in my many failures than in my few successes,” Haque adds.

Fraktal Creative LLC is poised for great success and we at are thrilled to see them thrive!

Last words

Fraktal Creative adds 1.25 million words worth of value to the internet per month with their AI-produced content.
Power of writing and people is the core differentiator for Fraktal Creative LLC.

“Trust and transparency are at the core of every business venture. Be it with your partners, clients, or employees. This is what I want to leave you with,” concluded Haque.

Haque's greatest strength was his willingness to dream big.

This is how he built a profitable and transparent business.

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