August 27, 2021

How a Bangladeshi eCommerce company incorporated a US LLC with Firstbase

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At Firstbase, we're dedicated to helping entrepreneurs from around the world reach their business goals by incorporating and running a compliant US business. Whether it's selling products to US customers, getting funding from US investors, opening a US bank account, or something else, there are many reasons for international founders to consider setting up a US company.

In this case study, we spoke with Bangladeshi founder Abdur Rab Akhond about his experience incorporating Extend Buy with Firstbase. We're proud to support founders like Abdur as they work to build a strong international presence for their business.


Extend Buy LLC is an online retailer. Extend Buy creates value for its customers by selecting the right products, providing excellent discounts, and offering secure online payment. They are also a consumer-centric organization that meets their customers’ needs while maintaining competitive pricing.

How it all started

Akhond always wanted to launch an ecommerce business, but has always run into one roadblock or another when operating from Bangladesh. One of the biggest challenges he encountered was entering the US market without a US entity. He always thought the process of creating a US entity was cumbersome and expensive - but then he discovered Firstbase.

Finding Firstbase

“I had been considering establishing a US LLC for the past three years. As I am Bangladeshi, I thought it would be difficult and expensive for me to open one. When I started reading about Firstbase on their website, I was really excited. Firstbase really did help with everything I needed to launch my business. They helped me embark on a significant adventure in my life.”

Setting up a US-based corporation may appear to be a complex, risky, and time-consuming procedure for any foreign founder, but Firstbase simplifies the entire process. Akhond was able to form Extend Buy LLC and ultimately launch his firm from the comfort of his home in Bangladesh.

How did we help?

With Firstbase, Extend Buy LLC not only gained access to the US market but also to many other benefits including:

  • Accepting payments online via Stripe and other payment processors
  • Applying to a US-based startup accelerator
  • Accessing tax benefits available for foreign-owned companies in the US
  • Accessing a specific platform or service (e.g. Amazon)
  • Taking advantage of simplified bureaucracy compared to his home country
  • Building trust with customers by doing business as a US-incorporated company
  • Work on a pathway to immigration

What problems did they face when trying to form a company in the US?

Akhond claims that he has not encountered any problems while incorporating his company - he even jokes that he has slept the entire time while Firstbase was doing the work. He did not imagine it would be so easy to incorporate an LLC in the United States.

Has the solution provided by Firstbase helped you accomplish your goals? How?

“Yes, they helped me start a big journey and they were the first step in it. Now, we are growing and we aspire to become a popular ecommerce company in the United States by providing the best quality service to US online shoppers.”

Final thoughts

Extend Buy is an amazing illustration of the opportunities Firstbase offers to international founders. Akhond closed with a final note about the Firstbase experience:

“Firstbase provides amazing customer service. I've never been concerned while working with them. I was always at ease with Firstbase.”

Our team is working to continue improving the Firstbase product so that we can offer the world's most powerful incorporation and business operations platform. We can't wait to see where Extend Buy goes next!

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