September 13, 2021

DiscoverageCo and a simple, inexpensive, bureaucracy free US incorporation

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DiscoverageCo is an innovative SaaS company based in Milan, Italy. They are an online platform that gauges media coverage of brands, politicians, stories, etc. using reads homepages like a human, weighs articles coverage, identifies common stories, and tracks them over time going back years.

How it all started

Andrea Orchesi, the founder and CEO of DiscoverageCo, is an entrepreneur who has previously founded several enterprises in Italy. He explains that establishing a corporation there entails dealing with a lot of bureaucracy as well as spending thousands of dollars on legal advice and losing a lot of time and energy. He didn't want to go through this process with DiscoverageCo again so he started looking for different options.

Orchesi had previously co-founded a US company with one of his partners utilizing an American small business agency. He claims that the process was inexpensive and that the agency handled the paperwork, but in the end they still encountered issues. The American agency was unable to assist them with contacting a reputable registered agent and with obtaining a bank account. These obstacles had a severe impact on their business.

How they discovered Firstbase

Scarred by their previous experience and unsure what to do with Discoverage, Orchesi and his team decided to approach one of their trusted contacts in the US with an offer fors equity in exchange for assistance with incorporation, opening the bank account, and so forth. This would have cost a part of their business and them a lot of money in the long run but it appeared to be a safe bet. Orchesi did not want to rush into such a decision so he conducted additional web research and discovered Firstbase through an advertisement.

“When we discovered Firstbase, everything fell into place. It was a very smooth procedure, extremely cheap (considering some of the Firstbase benefits, such as AWS credits, we might wind up spending a net-zero dollar for the entire process), and very fast. We now have our C-Corp and Firstbase has provided us with a variety of resources. I realize this sounds like a sales pitch but it's true; we saved weeks, if not months, and a lot of money.”

What’s next for DiscoverageCo?

Discoverage is currently in a pre-seed stage and their goal is to get some traction in the next 3-6 months before going for a seed round to build an even more solid team.

Final thoughts

“Firstbase is a startup built for startups. Everything was perfect and we would use the service again.”

You too can save time, money, and avoid unnecessary bureaucracy just like DiscoverageCo did with Firstbase.

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