February 2, 2022

How Firstbase helped Carryt quickly incorporate in the US after raising $1.4M

Estela Valeova
Marketing Manager
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Carryt is a company that was founded with the goal of ensuring efficient last-mile deliveries by empowering gig economy drivers.

They recently raised $1.4M in funding, and plan on expanding into other countries like America where they have faced one challenge - incorporating their business!

In this case study we will explore what happened when Carryt tried to register their business by themselves in the United States, how others were able help them overcome some hurdles along way, and why you should always check if there's someone else who can do the job better than yourself.

The challenge

Incorporation is never easy and many questions can come with it.

Carryt was no exception and had to make a few tough decisions when it came to their incorporation.

The hardest one, however, was finding the right service OR realizing they needed one.

At the beginning they tried to register their business by themselves, however, that did not work out well since many documents and legal costs came up, and they were not sure if that would end up being a successful registration.

For this reason, they have eventually decided to find a service that could do it for them.

The solution

They researched and asked around and after careful comparison, they chose to partner with us at Firstbase.io.

The first reason was the one-time fee and all the features it included. The second was the benefits program. And the last, was the friendliness of the support and the accessible information in the help center.

From then, all the tough decisions became easy and they did not need to think about anything because we handled everything for them.

The main benefit of using Firstbase for them was the simplicity and comprehensiveness of the process. Firstbase was able to help Carryt with all of the required paperwork, as well as provide them with access to 150k in startup rewards. 

Overall, Carryt's experience with incorporation has been positive. They have been able to grow their business and establish themselves in a new market. 

"Our experience is absolutely amazing! Intuitive platform, great service, great pricing - everything we needed," shares Daniel Cuervo, CEO and Founder of Carryt.

Partners and rewards

Firstbase.io provides customers with 150k+ in discounts and rewards for different services. Carryt was able to take advantage of this and received a number of discounts from different providers. 

Some of the partners that Carryt uses now include: Brex, Divvy, FoundersCard, Wefunder, Calendly, Mercury, and Carta. 

Each of these partnerships were beneficial for Carryt. They have been able to save money and time, while also establishing themselves as a reputable business in the United States.

If you're curious about what other rewards are included in the Firstbase.io partner network, check them out here

If you are looking for help with incorporation, do not hesitate to contact us.

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