March 16, 2021

How this Karachi/LA-based design firm incorporated using to build a global company

With Firstbase since:

Using Firstbase, BRIL.LA was able to quickly and affordably incorporate in the United States. This allowed them to streamline their complex local country bureaucracy, start US operations, accept online payments, sign US contracts, and build trust with US customers, where most of their business is now generated.


BRIL.LA is a woman-owned, customer experience (CX) design firm based in Karachi, Pakistan, and Los Angeles, California. They work with startups and high-growth companies to maximize the potential customer lifetime value of each user by applying brilliant design and delightful experiences.


It was difficult to accept payments through payment processors. They also found it nearly impossible to sell products, sign contracts, or gain the trust of US-based customers since they didn’t have a US-incorporated company.

Ambreen, co-founder of BRIL.LA, started looking for a solution online, but most of the tools were overkill for the company’s needs and were not specially geared towards a company with a foreign owner. Additionally, BRIL.LA needed to set up an LLCs, but most services would only allow her to incorporate a Corporation since she was a foreigner.

“Firstbase’s specialization in that regard cinched the deal.” — Ambreen Dar, co-founder of BRIL.LA.


With the help of Firstbase, BRIL.LA was able to quickly incorporate in the United States, obtain EIN, open a bank account, and prepare all essential legal documents. This new structure allowed them to:

  • Accept online payments through a payment processor
  • Sign contracts and sell services to US-based customers
  • Bypass their local country bureaucracy
  • Build trust with companies in the United States

Additional benefits of Firstbase

Along with incorporating, BRIL.LA was also able to take advantage of Firstbase’s partner network, including free tax consultations, and dozens of exclusive startup rewards.

“Firstbase’s partner programs with top-notch service providers is awesome. We’ve used a lot of them, including Brex, Bench, and AWS.”

Firstbase customer support

Just as any of our customers, BRIL.LA got online support from our expert team — during the process, and after incorporation.

“The customer support team is responsive, solution-oriented, and very personal. They were more than willing to go above and beyond in helping me understand some of the complexities involved even though they may have been beyond the scope of Firstbase’s service.”


BRIL.LA is on a mission to provide its clients with digital superpowers. They prefer high quality over high quantity, so they’re fine being very selective about who they work with. BRIL.LA’s clients are now all in the US, so it’s a breeze to do business with them.

“Pretty darn simple! In one word: Awesome.” — Ambreen Dar, co-founder of BRIL.LA.

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