July 22, 2021

Announcing our $3M seed round

Mark Milastsivy
CEO & Founder
With Firstbase since:

Today we're excited to announce a major milestone that will allow us to invest more in the long-term success of Firstbase — and the success of our community of founders.

We've raised a $3M seed round.

I’m proud that this round is supported by a number of individuals who I’ve closely followed for a long time. Taavet Hinrikus, CEO of Transferwise, Henry Ward, CEO of Carta, and Sten Tamkivi (Estonia’s e-Residency) are just a few of them. In addition to more than a dozen individual investors, Y-Combinator, Uncommon Capital, Carta Ventures, Graphene Ventures, Amino Capital, Oyster Ventures, and a few other funds joined our round.

For many founders, "firstbase.io" has become what they type into their address bars when they think about launching a business. Over 6000 companies have used us to incorporate. We have worked with founders from 170 countries and nearly every US state, all of that with very little capital raised previously. Our team has spent countless hours improving the product, building software, and talking to users — to make starting a company truly seamless for founders everywhere.

In addition to that, we are now working with a few dozen B2B enterprise clients, including Brex, Carta, and AWS. Empowering their global customer base to incorporate and access tools and resources otherwise unavailable to them is something we take special pride in.

So what's next for us?

Building an all-in-one Company OS.

Incorporation is the first step in the company's journey. Starting a relationship with startups so early in their lifecycle allows us to tap into every conceivable need our customers have as they scale. Firstbase was never just about helping founders launch companies. We are on a mission to improve the success rate for companies globally.

That's why we are building Firstbase into an all-in-one company OS. One place to launch, manage, and grow a business online.

Our story began by tackling the "launch" part when I started Firstbase to solve my own problem. With the new funding, we can accelerate the work on new products and features — to help define how thousands of companies manage their entities and grow their business.

Scaling the organization.

What started as a one-man show has grown into a team of 30 — not without growing pains — and we have invested a lot of time into building a solid foundation for future growth.

I believe that scaling an organization is more important than scaling a product — and harder, too. There are no shortcuts and compromises. For the organization to work well, many things, sometimes seemingly unrelated, need to work together. Perhaps the most important one is ensuring that the team's ambition matches the ambition of the company. That's what we're focused on.

As a high-growth company, we will continue hiring people with a growth mindset.

Come join us: https://www.firstbase.io/careers/

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