February 3, 2022

Announcing Firstbase Loop

Mark Milastsivy
CEO & Founder
With Firstbase since:

We're excited to announce that Firstbase is launching Loop, an integrations library aimed at helping companies get one-click access to the business tools they need.

For startups today, accessing financial services typically involves a lengthy application process and a series of bureaucratic barriers. When applying for a business bank account, setting up a cap table, or trying to qualify for a loan, companies need to provide an endless array of information about the business, founders, and operations. Gathering all this data from different sources can be challenging, and applications take a long time to complete.

But what if there was a single directory for all of this business data, and you could share it with the services you want to use, in one click?

This is where Firstbase Loop comes in.

Loop is currently available to all companies incorporated with Firstbase. Here is how it works:

  1. Once your company is incorporated, select a service you want to use in your dashboard under the Firstbase Loop tab
  2. Firstbase automatically transfers required business data (from the company name to the company's cap table structure and more) to the partner via an API integration
  3. You get an email inviting you to access the service, where most (or all) of the required onboarding information is auto-complete

No need to re-enter redundant business data ever again. With Firstbase Loop, you can securely apply for business tools in seconds.

We are launching with a limited number of partners, including Brex, Mercury, Stripe, and soon, Carta. Using Loop is free, and you also get exclusive rewards from integration partners, including cash incentives and credits. Many more integrations are underway.

Why launch Loop?

Today, Firstbase is primarily known as an incorporation service, but our ambitions lay way beyond just helping companies get started. Our mission is to increase the number of companies succeeding in the online economy. And the most effective way to do this? Making the process of running a company suck less.

Today, starting and managing a business can be extremely challenging. An average company uses 110 (!) software tools to run its business. Those tools typically are not "talking" to each other, and founders constantly need to export/import data across applications or re-enter the same information repeatedly.

Our ambition is to solve this. Firstbase is building an all-in-one Company OS — a set of closely integrated business tools working together seamlessly within one platform. Firstbase Loop is our first step towards this larger vision.

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