September 27, 2023

8 Best Incfile Alternatives in 2023 (Compared)

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Incfile offers a range of services to help founders with business formation and compliance, but the quality of their offering has come under scrutiny in recent years. Clients have been voicing complaints, and the list grew to be quite long:

  • Upselling and Additional Costs: Some clients have reported that Incfile uses upselling tactics, offering free or low-cost initial services but then suggesting additional services or upgrades that come with added costs.
  • Customer Service: While Incfile offers customer support, the quality and responsiveness of their customer service can vary. Some clients have reported challenges in reaching customer support or experiencing delays in receiving assistance.
  • State Fees: While Incfile may offer a free basic package, customers are still responsible for paying state filing fees, which can vary significantly from state to state. This additional cost may not always be apparent when initially signing up for services.
  • Complexity of Business Needs: Incfile's services are more suitable for straightforward business formations. If your business has complex legal or regulatory requirements, or if you need customized legal advice, you may still need to consult with an attorney.
  • Document Handling and Privacy Concerns: Incfile will handle sensitive legal documents and personal information on your behalf, which can raise privacy and security concerns for some users. It's important to research their data security practices and terms of service.
  • Limited Geographic Scope: While Incfile primarily serves businesses in the United States, they may not be suitable for individuals or businesses outside the U.S. looking to establish entities in the U.S. or other international jurisdictions.
  • DIY Alternatives: Some individuals may prefer a more hands-on approach to business formation and compliance and may opt for a do-it-yourself (DIY) method to save on service fees.

These downsides pushed entrepreneurs towards competing services to find a better deal for incorporation in the US. So let’s look at what is offered by Incfile’s top competitors in 2023.

Best Incfile alternatives

  1. Firstbase
  2. LegalZoom
  3. Rocket Lawyer
  4. MyCorporation
  5. ZenBusiness
  6. Swyft Filings
  7. IncAuthority
  8. Northwest Registered Agent

Alternative #1: Firstbase

If you’re looking for an IncFile alternative to take your business to the US with as little hassle as possible, Firstbase has you covered. Our service combines low prices, personalized recommendations, compliance and operational support, and savings from our rewards program.

Firstbase was designed to help startups, entrepreneurs, and remote teams incorporate in the US by providing various services related to business formation. We’ve gone to great lengths to tailor our services to what clients actually need, while being transparent and upfront of what we offer.

Our extensive list of features will help you build your business from the ground up and ensure its long-term viability with continuous support, new features, and a grown list of rewards.

Here are the core features we’re currently offering, with more on the way:

Transparent pricing

Hidden fees are a major concern for many incorporation services, so at Firstbase we strive to be transparent about what and how much we charge. Our services are also modular, so you can only sign up for the needed features.


All Firstbase features are accessible from a unified dashboard. You never have to leave our website to accomplish business-related tasks. This saves valuable time and keeps things simple.

Streamlined user experience

Firstbase was designed with UX in mind. If you have all the necessary info prepared in advance, starting a US business takes just a few clicks. The registration process is simple, intuitive, and requires no interaction with agents or salespeople.

Physical address included

As a part of our Mailroom service, you get a virtual inbox registered at a physical address, something not available with Incfile and other services in our list. A registered mail address in the US makes it much easier to meet compliance requirements.

Custom document templates

Firstbase lets you generate any legal documents you need to run your business successfully. Our document templates cover everything, and the service is completely free.

Rewards program

Firstbase offers a robust reward partnership with perks worth over $350,000. Once customers sign up, they have discounts with vendors such as Wix, Zendesk, Mercury, Stripe, Notion, Salesforce, Payoneer, Slack, and others.

Pre-EIN bank account

Firstbase is unique among Incfile competitors in that it allows you to open a business bank account via our partner service Mercury, even before your EIN application is finalized. This helps your business start operating sooner, allowing you to find investors, employees, and customers straight away.

Accrual bookkeeping

Accrual bookkeeping is a huge boon for startups and other early-stage business ventures, and is a feature seldom offered by other incorporation providers.

Business insurance

We offer several insurance plans available to keep your US business secure from risk. This makes operating in the US much easier. We currently offer two insurance plans, with more on the way.

Growth tools

Firstbase is not content to just help you start a business. We are here to help you grow, and our rewards system gives you access to website-building services, remote work tools, accounting software, and more.


Each component and service that Firstbase offers is charged separately.

  • Firstbase Start (one-time fee of $399) – Incorporate your US-based business in the state of your choice.
  • Firstbase Agent ($99/$299/$599 per year, depending on plan) – Registered compliance agent in your state of choice. Three plans are available, Light, Autopilot, and Payroll.
  • Firstbase Mailroom ($35/$50 per month, depending on plan) – Premium physical address and virtual mailbox. Two plans available, Basic and Premium.
  • Firstbase Insurance (start at $26 per month) – Comprehensive protection for your enterprise.
  • Firstbase Payroll ($599 per year) – Payroll registration service for hiring employees from any state regardless of your place of incorporation.
  • Firstbase Loop (free) – Free tools to grow your business.

Try our interactive product demo. It’s free!

Alternative #2: LegalZoom

LegalZoom provides legal services online, offering a range of solutions for entrepreneurs seeking cost-effective alternatives to traditional legal assistance. Their offerings encompass business formation, document creation, trademark registration, and access to independent attorneys for consultations on various legal matters.

LegalZoom is not without its share of flaws. The service lacks the nuanced guidance and tailored solutions an attorney can offer for complex or unique legal situations. As a result, it's best suited for individuals and small businesses with straightforward legal requirements looking for convenience and affordability. LegalZoom can be a viable option in scenarios like basic business entity formation or simple document drafting, but its usefulness as an Incfile alternative is otherwise limited.


  • Trademark and Copyright Services: LegalZoom offers trademark and copyright registration assistance, helping individuals and businesses protect their intellectual property.
  • Estate Planning Tools: LegalZoom provides estate planning services, including the creation of wills, living wills, and powers of attorney to help users plan for their financial and healthcare wishes.
  • Business Legal Plans: LegalZoom offers subscription-based business legal plans, allowing small businesses to access ongoing legal support and consultations with attorneys for a monthly fee.


LegalZoom offers three pricing packages:

  • Economy ($149 + filing fees between $50 and $750, depending on state) – standard processing, Wix website.
  • Standard ($329 + filing fees between $50 and $750, depending on state) – priority processing, founder’s kit.
  • Express Gold ($349 + filing fees between $50 and $750, depending on state) – fastest processing, founder’s kit.

Note that incorporating in another state incurs different filing fees.

Alternative #3: Rocket Lawyer

Rocket Lawyer is a legal platform that provides resources to businesses seeking affordable legal assistance. It offers a variety of services, including legal document creation, access to a network of attorneys, and DIY legal tools.

One notable feature of Rocket Lawyer is its library of customizable legal document templates, allowing users to create contracts, wills, and other legal documents. Clients can also seek advice from a network of attorneys, though this service may incur additional costs beyond the subscription fee.

While Rocket Lawyer offers a range of services, it is not the best fit for complex legal issues requiring specialized expertise. It is most useful for individuals and small businesses with basic legal needs, such as simple document drafting and legal consultations. Rocket Lawyer can provide a cost-effective solution in scenarios like creating a basic contract or seeking general legal advice.


  • Document Storage and Management: Rocket Lawyer provides a secure platform for users to store and manage their legal documents, ensuring easy access and organization of important files.
  • Business Services: In addition to document creation, Rocket Lawyer offers a suite of business services, including the creation of business contracts, partnership agreements, and business plan templates.
  • Legal Q&A Community: Rocket Lawyer hosts a legal Q&A community where users can ask legal questions and receive answers from both legal professionals and the community, providing a valuable resource for general legal inquiries.


Rocket Lawyers is a subscription-based service with two payment tiers:

  • Monthly ($39.99)
  • Yearly ($239.99)

Signing up for the yearly service unlocks additional discounts for specialized services.

Alternative #4: MyCorporation

MyCorporation is an online business services company that has been serving entrepreneurs and small businesses since 1998. It offers a range of services focused on business formation and ongoing compliance requirements.

MyCorporation's features include assistance with business entity formation, such as LLCs and corporations, as well as registered agent services to help businesses stay compliant with state regulations. They also offer trademark and copyright services, annual report filing assistance, and access to business documents and templates.

While MyCorporation provides valuable services for entrepreneurs looking to establish and maintain their legal entities, it's essential to note that their pricing can be higher than some competitors. As such, it may be more suitable for businesses that prioritize convenience and are willing to pay a premium for these services. Overall, MyCorporation can be a valuable resource for individuals and small businesses seeking comprehensive assistance with their legal and compliance needs.


  • Entity Management Services: MyCorporation provides tools and services to help businesses manage their legal entities efficiently, including services for filing annual reports and maintaining good standing.
  • Compliance Monitoring: MyCorporation offers compliance monitoring services to help businesses stay on top of their ongoing filing requirements, such as annual reports and state filings.
  • Custom Business Documents: MyCorporation offers customizable business document templates, enabling users to create essential legal documents like operating agreements and corporate bylaws tailored to their specific needs.


MyCorporation offers 4 business formation packages with a different price tag:

  • Basic ($99 + state fees) – articles of incorporation, name availability search.
  • Standard ($124 + state fees) – everything in Basic, plus bylaws, minutes, waivers, annual report service.
  • Deluxe ($224 + state fees) – everything in Standard, plus registered agent services.
  • Premium ($324 + state fees) – everything in Deluxe, plus MaintainMyBiz services.

Alternative #5: ZenBusiness

ZenBusiness is an online business services provider targeting entrepreneurs and small businesses seeking assistance with business formation, compliance, and ongoing support.

ZenBusiness offers a range of features, including business formation services, registered agent services, and annual report filing assistance. One unique aspect is their commitment to social responsibility, with a pledge to plant a tree for every business formed through their platform.

However, ZenBusiness's pricing structure can be higher than some competitors, and some users have reported delays in processing times. While it appeals to businesses looking for socially responsible alternatives and a seamless formation process, potential customers should weigh the cost against the value and carefully consider their specific needs before opting for ZenBusiness.


  • Worry-Free Compliance: ZenBusiness offers ongoing compliance support, assisting businesses in meeting their annual report and filing requirements to maintain good standing.
  • Business Website Services: ZenBusiness provides website design and hosting services, helping businesses establish an online presence and expand their reach.
  • Business Insurance Options: ZenBusiness offers access to business insurance policies, allowing entrepreneurs and small businesses to protect their assets and operations with insurance coverage tailored to their needs.


ZenBusiness offers three pricing packages:

  • Starter ($0 + state fees) – standard filing services
  • Pro ($199 annually) – fast filing services, EIN, operating agreement.
  • Premium ($349 annually) – fast filing services, business documents, domain name and email address, business website builder.

Alternative #6: Swyft Filings

Swyft Filings is an online business services provider catering primarily to entrepreneurs and small businesses in need of assistance with business formation and compliance.

Swyft Filings offers features such as business entity formation, registered agent services, and annual report filing assistance. They prioritize user-friendliness and efficiency in their platform, aiming to simplify the often complex process of establishing and maintaining legal business entities.

However, some users have reported occasional delays in processing times and have found their pricing to be somewhat higher compared to competitors. Swyft Filings is a suitable choice for businesses looking for a straightforward and streamlined approach to business formation and compliance, but it may not be the most cost-effective option for those with tight budgets or seeking additional legal services beyond the basics.


  • Expedited Filing Options: Swyft Filings offers expedited filing services for businesses that need to accelerate the process of forming their legal entities, providing quicker turnaround times.
  • EIN Acquisition Assistance: Swyft Filings assists businesses in obtaining an Employer Identification Number (EIN) from the IRS, which is crucial for tax purposes and other financial activities.
  • Operating Agreement Templates: Swyft Filings provides customizable operating agreement templates for LLCs, helping businesses establish clear guidelines and governance structures for their organizations.


Swyft Filing offers three payment packages:

  • Basic ($0 + state filing fees) – comprehensive name check, preparation of articles of incorporation, document filing with the Secretary of State, lifetime customer support (phone & email).
  • Standard ($199 + state filing fees) – everything in Basic plus EIN, custom corporate bylaws, custom banking resolution, custom organizational minutes, instant electronic delivery of state documents upon formation.
  • Premium ($299 + state filing fees) – everything in Basic plus fast processing speed, document templates, free business website & domain from Squarespace, ComplianceGuard free trial (Annual Report, Amendment, & Meeting Minutes), and more.

Alternative #7: IncAuthority

IncAuthority is an online business services provider that has been serving entrepreneurs and small businesses since 1989. It focuses on assisting individuals in forming legal business entities.

IncAuthority's features include free business formation services (excluding state fees), registered agent services, operating agreement templates, and access to various business resources. They have gained recognition for their cost-effective approach to business formation.

While IncAuthority offers valuable services for startups and small businesses, it's essential to consider potential drawbacks. Some users have reported longer processing times and less responsive customer support compared to competitors. It is a suitable choice for budget-conscious entrepreneurs looking for a cost-effective option to establish a basic legal business entity. However, businesses with more complex needs or those requiring quicker service may need to explore other alternatives.


  • Cheap Business Formation Services: IncAuthority offers a unique feature of free business formation services, allowing entrepreneurs to establish their legal business entities without service fees (excluding state fees).
  • Operating Agreement Generation: IncAuthority provides customizable operating agreement templates for LLCs, helping businesses define their internal structure and management procedures.
  • Business Credit and Funding Tools: IncAuthority offers access to business credit and funding resources, assisting startups and small businesses in building their credit profiles and securing financing for growth.


Prices are calculated based on the state of incorporation. IncAuthority states that there are no additional fees beyond state fees, but some users have reported that there are hidden costs.

Alternative #8: Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest Registered Agent is an online business services provider specializing in registered agent services and business formation. Their focus is on privacy and compliance, offering services to entrepreneurs and businesses seeking a reliable registered agent and assistance with legal entity creation.

Northwest Registered Agent features include registered agent services in all 50 states, annual report filings, and a commitment to protecting client privacy by not selling or sharing personal information. They prioritize quick document delivery and reliable compliance support.

However, their services can be comparatively more expensive than some competitors, making them a better fit for businesses willing to invest in privacy and premium support. Northwest Registered Agent is beneficial for companies seeking a high level of privacy and compliance, particularly in scenarios where confidentiality and reliability are paramount, such as legal, financial, or sensitive business operations.


  • Privacy Focus: Northwest Registered Agent emphasizes privacy by not selling or sharing customer information, making it a suitable choice for businesses seeking confidentiality in their operations.
  • Nationwide Registered Agent Services: Northwest Registered Agent offers registered agent services in all 50 U.S. states, ensuring that businesses can maintain compliance and receive important legal documents nationwide.
  • Compliance Support: In addition to registered agent services, Northwest Registered Agent provides assistance with annual report filings and other compliance requirements, helping businesses stay on top of their legal obligations.


Northwest Registered Agent doesn’t provide pricing information up-front. There are sample fees for particular services, but no official pricing guide.

What is the Best IncFile Alternative?

It's crucial for entrepreneurs and business owners to carefully assess their specific requirements, budget constraints, and the level of support they need when selecting the best IncFile alternative. To help you compare the alternatives at a glance we provide the following table:


There is no shortage of alternatives to Incfile. Each brings its own set of features and pricing structures, catering to different needs and preferences.

Among the alternatives we’ve explored, we feel that Firstbase remains as a standout choice in 2023, offering a comprehensive suite of solutions to simplify business formation and compliance. For those seeking to take advantage of operating in the US, there is hardly a better choice.

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