How to build a global business network using LinkedIn.

You set up your US-based business and now you need clients and investors. Now you can use social media to help build your network list.

Social media has helped numerous companies increase their client base and their profits.

LinkedIn, for example, is a social media site that connects millions of business professionals with each other. It’s not only a platform where you can promote your skills and experience, but you can also increase your network which can then increase your net worth. It’s a great way to find clients and investors without visiting the US.

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Here’s how to grow your network using LinkedIn:

1. You will need a clean, professional photo of yourself that follows the dimensions required on LinkedIn which is 400x 400 pixels. The idea is to personalize your account as individuals and companies alike want to interact with people.

2. You may opt to add a banner. Here you can advertise your services or products or even website as long as the banner follows the dimensions — 646 x 220 — set by LinkedIn.

3. Add relevant keywords in your profile description. Use specific words that your potential clients may be searching for and highlight them in the description. Try to do this in a way that is clear and natural and avoid words that are too “salesy”.

4. Add relevant information to your profile such as education, professional experiences, and skills. This shows potential clients that they will be interacting with a real individual and that they can feel comfortable buying your products and services based on your skills and experience. You should also use keywords that match your specific skills and experiences.

5. Try to get reviews about your skills and services. People trust the opinions of others before buying a product or service. You can easily ask people you have worked with and people that you know write a review.

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6. The next step is to identify key prospects. Make a list of people you think will be interested in your skills and experience before approaching them.

Ensure that you are not wasting your time and effort. If you are looking for clients, consider who will buy and use your products and services. If you are looking for investors, look for those who have built their brand and reputation. You can reach out to the bigger named venture funds, but consider finding angel investors from banking firms, law firms, or businesses in your industry. It is also important to think about the best way to approach them before just jumping in.

7. Personalize the messages you send to these individuals. Try to provide valuable information to get their attention before trying to connect with them or selling your product or service. There are several ways you can personalize the messages.

One such way is to write well-thought-out notes briefly explaining your company and asking potential customers to test your products or services and to provide helpful reviews. Be creative — you can offer 2% equity in the company to potential investors. Or try using a joke or being crazy. You want to get the attention of your potential investors and you can do so by thinking outside of the box and being as creative as possible. Have fun with it, but be tasteful, honest, and upfront about your intentions. LinkedIn is social media for professionals, after all.

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8. Try posting articles on LinkedIn. Choose the content that will target the ideal prospect you have in mind and help promote your service and product. Once you have articles or posts in mind, be sure to post regularly. This will keep your intended audience engaged and make it more likely that they will want to interact with you.

9. Engage with your existing connections on LinkedIn. Sometimes the ideal client or investor may connect with you but may not be interested in investing or buying products or services. You can ask them for referrals to others who may be a better fit or willing to invest. These connections may lead to new connections who will be interested in working with you or investing in your business. Build connections so that new clients keep coming back to your products and services. Try to build and maintain relationships by being of value. You may find that the product or service, then sells for itself.

10. Join groups within the particular niche that your product or service serves. Groups can also build your client list and attract potential investors. Make sure to bring value to the group that you are in before trying to sell. If you start selling or promoting your services too soon, you may get removed or even banned from the group. Build relationships with potential clients by sharing relevant posts, ideas, or even chatting with first.

11. Use the advanced search. You can use this to find niche-specific groups and the right people. Using specific keywords to find what you need can pay off in the long run.

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12. Start sharing your LinkedIn URL on your website and other social media platforms. is dedicated to helping founders from all over the world easily launch a US-based business. From anywhere, in a few days.’s powerful platform enables entrepreneurs a convenient way to grow and access to the most powerful startup ecosystem in the world. Learn how fast and easy it is to set up a US-based corporation using

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