Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions that most of our potential customers ask
firstbase faq


What is

Why should I incorporate a startup in the US?

Can a foreigner form a company in the US?

Can I use if I don’t have an SSN or ITIN?

Do I need to visit the US?

How are you different from other services?

Are there any reviews of online?


How do I begin?

What would you recommend for my startup — a Corporation or LLC?

How many days does it take to register a company?

In what states can I form my company — and why?

Can you support everyone?

What documents do I need to provide?

Will I get a hard copy of the documents?

Fee & Payment

What does your fee include?

What payment methods do you accept?

Will I get a receipt for my purchase?

Do you offer a refund/money-back guarantee?

What are other costs aside from $399?

Do you have hidden fees?

Bank account

Will open a business bank account for my new company?

Which bank do you work with?

Is Mercury good?

Will I receive a debit card?

Can I connect PayPal or Stripe to the Mercury account?

Where can I learn more about Mercury?

Running a company

Can I operate a US company living in my country?

Do I need to pay taxes in the US?

Will setting up a US company help me move to America?

What is a registered agent?

Will I have a US address?

What are the ongoing costs?

Can I convert an LLC to a Corporation in the future?

Do you provide ongoing services (accounting/payroll/tax/legal services)?

Will you be able to help me after the process is completed?

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