Case Study: Bibliocad — A Journey of Expansion and Opportunities

"I have delegated to all the necessary steps without having to worry about anything."

Hector E. Reitmann, Architect and CEO of Bibliocad.

Bibliocad is a CAD and BIM resource repository, where you can download and share tools for Architecture, Engineering, and Construction. It is the largest repository in the Spanish-speaking world and one of the most relevant in the English-speaking world.

How it all started?

Hector founded Bibliocad in 1999 after recognizing the difficulties of cultivating professional activity in a small town with limited access to larger urban centers. He saw the internet as a way to break down communication barriers and build something huge and important.

Bibliocad now has a database of >129,000 files to support Architects, Engineers, Builders, Teachers, University Students, and Designers.

After years of growth and success, Bibliocad decided to expand further and access the bigger US market.

How did they find out about us?

Hector realized he needed to incorporate in the US to access the market, but needed assistance in doing so, given the difficulty of incorporating.

A friend who had already used’s services referred Hector to us, and we got Hector started on his incorporation journey.

How did we help them?

Bibliocad successfully entered the US market with the assistance of, and also obtained access to a slew of other benefits, including:

• Accepting payments online via Stripe or some other payment processor

• Accessing tax benefits available for foreign-owned companies in the US

• Taking advantage of simplified bureaucracy compared to their home country

• Keeping money in a US FDIC-insured bank account

• Building trust with customers by doing business as a US-incorporated company

“ has a wonderful and full bundle that gave me everything I wanted:  with the opening of a bank account and online processing of payments, all that I needed for my clients,” shares Hector, CEO of Bibliocad. was Bibliocad's first choice, and it has helped them evolve, prosper, and continue their story.

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