Head of Content and Special Projects


Firstbase.io is looking for a Head of Content and Special Projects to join our fully-remote, international team.

Firstbase.io is a VC-backed tech startup (YCW21) dedicated to promoting business in the worldwide economy. We are helping founders launch in the US and access the greatest startup ecosystem on the planet.

We have served entrepreneurs from 140 different countries across a wide spectrum of industries, and we are looking for a person who will be the voice for our customers, partners, and products/services.

You will work on stories, research-like articles, case studies, as well as some legal-jargon-heavy content. We want to get rid of the boring blog and build the best startup publication ever. You will also work on special projects with our partners, community of founders and lead our effort to expand the video format.

What we are looking for: - Ability to do independent research and write articles on entrepreneurial topics for our community of founders - Preferably, some experience working with media - Knowledge of startups and startup culture

Note from the CEO: "We love long in-depth essay-like articles, so you likely have to know a lot about startups in general. But having good taste and being a good writer is even more important."

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