is looking for our first, full-time Software Engineer to join our fully-remote, international team. is a VC-backed tech start-up dedicated to promoting business in the worldwide economy by helping startups and businesses incorporate in the US. We have served entrepreneurs from a 100 different countries across a wide spectrum of industries, and we are looking for our first full-time software engineer to scale our product.

Our first full-time software engineer should be able to wear many hats and look forward to making influential decisions that affect both our product and the company's direction as a whole. You should obsess over delivering the best customer experience to a global market that ensure simplicity and clarity.

Current back-end tech stack: - PHP - Symphony - PostgreSQL - Redis - Docker (Compose) - GitLab CI - AWS S3 Current front-end tech stack: - Vue - Vuex - Vue-Router - 3rd party libs for GTM/Stripe/etc

You should have success and experience in the following areas: - Making product decisions based on customer feedback - Scaling software - Hiring contractors for projects (when necessary) - Managing and leading the end-to-end development process

What we are looking for in our software engineer: - Highly organized and able to multi-task - Self-driven and proactive nature - Excellent communication and interpersonal skills - Demonstrate leadership qualities - Ability to work within the unknown while staying productive - Customer-focused. Customer-centric. Customer-obsessed :)

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